a work of fire

I yelled at Myke today, for the reasons listed below. He is understandably excited, as he has just gotten into the groove of writing short stories and submitting them to contests. I should--he is most correct!--be doing the same thing with poetry contests. Money can be won by this method, especially if one possesses competitively good product, which both of us do in our respective fields. However, I feel that the method he employed today to encourage me to move faster on this was...not the best method. ;D So there you go, Myke. You've been wondering why I haven't written a song about you--it's cause you hadn't annoyed me in the right way till today!

brother man, we are equal
and you of all people
ought to know
that the letters I've sent
bout my food stamps and rent
had to go
now you encourage me
next to send poetry
it is so

you say smash through your inertia
cause the past it cannot hurt ya
you say make room in your income
you will earn it back and then some
you say do not drag your stupid feet
just get your work out on the street
before the time expires

cause this is a work
this is a work
this is a work of fire

brother man, what's your hurry
you're awfully sure the
fix ain't on
I'm recording my tracks
I have piled up my back
with words and song
busting out all that's mine
at the same time
is taking too long

I don't dare to take a breather
because I don't like it either
in our sleep we grow like flowers
I would kill for six straight hours
you don't ask me what I've done, you
of all people are the one who
would name me my desires

but this is my work
this is a work
this is a work of fire

I just began to pray again
said, Lord, teach me to burn
threw everything away again
I thought that I had learned
my sparks are flying everywhere
let something catch
don't lecture me like I don't care
hand me a match

cause this is work
this is a work
this is a work of fire