#@$^#$%&^@#$%@#$% ADP!

Submitted the paydata batch twenty minutes ago.
Already called Dave for the evening.
Where are my goddamn reports? I want to know that the new tip entry system works to that I can go home secure in the knowledge that the front of house staff will not form a mob around my desk with pitchforks and torches!!!

Here is my current Windows Media playlist. Though many of the files were legitimately purchased by my predecessor Matt through iTunes, I obtained all of these otherhow. Yarr. In no particular order, all hail the shuffler:

Jack the Ripper (White Stripes)
Human Behavior (Bjork)
Atlas (Battles)
Joga (Bjork)
Who Is It (Bjork)
Tiny Rubberband (Moby / Butthole Surfers)
Ultrasonic Sound (Hive)
Black Dog (Led Zeppelin)
If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (Lemonheads)
Into Your Arms (Lemonheads)
Skulls (Lemonheads)
Hey Ya (Outkast)
Haunted (Poe)
Lemon Meringue (Poe)
Precious Things (Tori Amos)
Destroying Angel (Sneaker Pimps)
I Miss The Girl (Soul Coughing)
St Louise Is Listening (Soul Coughing)
Kitchen (Lemonheads)
Great Big No (Lemonheads)
Cactus (Pixies)
Levitate Me (Pixies)
Vamos (Pixies)
Conquest (White Stripes)
Catch Hell Blues (White Stripes)
You Don't Know What Love Is (White Stripes)
Rag And Bone (White Stripes)
Everything Goes To Hell (Tom Waits)
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (White Stripes)

Going home now. Left main boss a voicemail. My hands are clean.