shiny things

Cable being out in our dwelling, if I get one of my urges to stare at lovely, lovely shiny things I must either dig through boxen to find all the jewelry I've bought or been given, but never have the urge to wear, or go to the internet. It's like with hats or dresses, really. I think they're pretty and enjoy looking at them, but it's a very rare duck I'll actually be willing to put on and walk around in public with. Perhaps it's my hidey-hidey nature.

Anyhow, it just now occurred to me that since I'm finding them on the intertubes, I can share some of the shiny things with you!

These are all from Etsy.

From trophies' shop, some clever pendants (one vulgar, but thoughtfully blurred).

Yes, there are pendants which say "Off with her head!" and "A cat may look at a king", as well as a couple of other Alice quotes. There are some good Harry Potter ones as well.

I think this could make a hilarious gift to a friend with whom a quarrel had just been patched up. If both the friends involved had the sort of sense of humor where this sort of thing would be appropriate, I mean. "See hon? I do give a flying f---!"

I completely agree. In fact, I'm going to go make some tea right now, to fortify myself whilst I show you some more wonderful shiny things.

From beadnurse's shop, some pretty bracelets. (She also has the blog, "Madness: tales of an emergency room nurse" through which I found Etsy in the first place. Props!)

There are lots of different color combos with this lovely wraparound design. This one is called "marrakech."

Coral beauty cuff. Odd how a mineral from the sea can look so warm and comfy!

From lizix26's shop:

This one's called miracle nest. The name somehow makes the necklace even prettier!

Mermaids dancing. You go, high-fiving dancing mermaid babes! Yeah!

Sunset. I love those little petals; I bet they'd look like little lightbulbs if the sun hit them right.

From the valley. This is probably my favorite of the things I've found so far. Simple, elegant; looks at once both totally natural and totally the work of a talented crafter. And totally, totally impractical for everyday wear, alas, especially for someone like me with really long hair. I'd break off two of those petals within ten minutes of putting the ring on!

From edmdesigns's shop. They do a jewelry style called "steampunk" or "steampunk vintage", I'm not sure which. It involves incorporating vintage machine parts into the jewelry, and looks really cool.

This brass bracelet is essentially a watch, only without that pesky time-telling function!

Silver-plated watch parts, silver filigree, red Swarovski crystal. Doesn't it look like something an evil supergenius in a sci-fi movie would wear? Or something a rich teenage grungeoid would wear to prove how much like a robot they are? I can just hear someone in the background saying "don't wear that ring, you'll put your eye out!"

This one, on the other hand, makes me purr. If it weren't so gosh-darned expensive I would either wear it myself or give it to someone as a gift.

That concludes this edition of shiny things. Perhaps later there will be more!


Unrepentant said...

Excellent finds! The Miracle Nest made my gallbladder spray some bile into my stomach. How is that for gross? Sorry, but that's all I have in my mind these days.

Translation: I like Miracle Nest a lot. I would never wear it though. It wouldn't look good on my so-short-you-can't-see-it fat neck.

Fiat Lex said...

A gallbladder is a painful thing to have trouble with! My mom had some trouble with hers a few years back, and was in terrible pain for awhile before they had to remove it. So though I don't know exactly what you're going through, you have my sympathy!

^_^ I'm glad you liked them, and I know what you mean. I had the thought with a lot of these pieces, "ah, if I were rich I'd give X to so-and-so...except it'd make their face look sallow or look stupid next to their haircut" etc etc. Which is one of many reasons I tend not to wear jewelry. The things I love to look at and bring me happiness from afar tend to look overly gaudy or trashy on me, I think. Plus all the women in my family have super-sensitive skin which turns green or black at the mere hint of any metal that isn't gold, silver, or stainless steel.

Ah well. At least they can make our eyes happy!

Fiat Lex said...

I bet Morning Mist would look nice on you though. :)

Unrepentant said...

Oh yes, Morning Mist will do. That thing is beautiful.

I wear earrings, cheap ones cause I tend to lose them. But husband likes it when I wear earrings.

The other day we were going out for dinner and I'd forgotten my earrings. He wanted to stop to buy a pair.

I let him buy all of my earrings. He has a great taste and just loves doing it. Maybe I should send him a picture of Morning Mist