one question

Amber just lent me G.K. Chesterton's Heretics. XD I'm not even finished with chapter 1 yet. Unregardless, it's sonnet time. These events all occurred, but gradually, over the past couple months in different contexts. I cherry-picked 'em to make for a cohesive group of images. That is poetic license.

I've never been there, but for what it's worth,
I've sipped its nectar when my throat was parched.
And I say heaven is invading earth,
and I exist to speed its forward march.
The bread inside the cupboard has grown stale.
The mop I drag across the floor trails dirt.
The funds I sent were stolen from the mail.
The words I said, meant to uplift you, hurt.
Let's bite down hard--we did not starve today.
The floor stands solid underneath the grime.
God grant me grace, to earn what I must pay,
and you, to launch forgiveness into time.
It falls to us to answer, if we dare,
one question. Heaven can exist--but where?


Amber E said...

We already talked content, like the poem.

Hey, is that Petrarchan? For me? I know you usually like Shakespearean however I noticed the characteristic (quote from wikipedia) "First, the octave (two quatrains), forms the "proposition" which describes a "problem", followed by a sestet (two tercets), which proposes a resolution. Typically, the ninth line creates what is called the "turn" or "volta" which acts to signal the move from proposition to resolution. Even in sonnets that don't strictly follow the problem/resolution structure, the ninth line still often marks a "turn" by signaling a change in the tone, mood, or stance of the poem."
However you kept the Shakespearean rhyme scheme. Nice combination of the sonnet forms.

Fiat Lex said...

:D Thank you!
I had not even realized it fit the qualities of both forms, though I am thrilled to learn it. For some reason I am a straight-up Shakespearean girl--perhaps our childhood times in the Young Shakespeare Players rubbed off on me? Some sort of literary imprinting? Who knows.
If you would like me to do a Petrarchan, though, let me know! You know how I like to work from prompts. ;)
Oh, it has been days since I logged in, but I want you to know seeing your comment made me beam. *hugkiss* You are the best big sister ever, truly.