but the ghost

There's a longer, more descriptive story that goes with this song, but it's not going up here. I may put it in the official, totally unaffiliated blog if I have time. But for you, the lyrics. Which in my opinion are the meat, without which all the bread and cheese of my prose and narrative are hardly worth biting into.
(edited so the words match the ones I've taken to singing)
(edit to put in a new verse I wrote in, like, August or September or something--the one about the cat)

[but the ghost]

lost my hat
missed a funeral
missed it like hell
ate by the train
wait by the station
feel so fat
without my stubborn I'd be
death on toast

lost my cat
jumped out the window
landed all right
she learned to fly
if she can do it, honey
so can I
broke my back, but I got
so damn close

lost my dad
missed his departure
miss his cooking
borrowed his boat
feel so stupid that I
gave it back
we all did nothing, 'fraid I
did that most

lost my nerve
missed my stop
kept on moving
all the same
bastard told me, honey
it's your game
don't have to give up nothin' darling
but the ghost


Amber E said...

I love you sweetie. It is a good poem but heartbreaking because I know you had an awful day and this is a rough time. Email me if there is a good time for me to call you just to visit.