thought it was the 4th of July (till I got a calendar)

Still no clue what's going down on the 4th. Of July, you know.

Been posting less at work lately, for a very good reason. Main boss had a chat with me last week about how he'd like to see me be a little more focused and organized and things. And it did occur to me that I have been coasting a little bit here. Just a smidge, you understand. Too much internetting and not enough caring about worky stuff.

Today we got another calendar from Yamasho! They're a fish vendor form whom we only occasionally buy some fish. But they have these gorgeous calendars that they give out as customer appreciation gifts and I was worried we wouldn't get one this year. Each month has a like a 24"x36" photo of a natural scene somewhere in Japan, like a lake or trees or a mountain or a waterfall or something. They're printed on glossy translucent plastic film which, when separated from the calendar, is friggin perfect to put up on a window to block on the harsh, direct sunlight. Now, I'm a gal who likes pretty pictures of nature, doesn't own too many window treatments, and has massive high windows that are a pain in the ass to keep covered. So getting this calendar in July is like an Xmas in July present. Because I have to remove exactly half of the pretty pictures on their translucent plastic film in order to display the current month. And, O! The poor lonely pretty pictures have no place to go except home with me! :D

Feeling a bit crampy today but it hasn't dampened my spirits. I leave that to the positively muggy climate in the office. Seems no matter how angry lady boss gets at our regular AC guy for breaking his repeated promises to her, he is still on vacation and the AC in the office is still not fixed. As she has said to him repeatedly on the phone, it seems like the whole summer's going to be gone before we'll have air conditioning down here.