hooray for school

Last night's dream was a doozy.

I'd gone to bed early (around 11:45) because I was actually tired and we'd already hit for the cycle of fun activities. We may have skipped playing San Andreas, but we did that on Tuesday. Anyway.

At the start, me and the character who looks like Gothy were standing outside an enormous building that I knew was a middle school. I saw her name written on the wall, and she looked at it, then looked at me and said "don't call me Goth". Her scorn levels were high enough that she disdained to even say it forcefully, as though it were a stupidly obvious piece of information.

We went inside. Dave may also have been with me at this point, but I don't have real images, just a sense of events that passed in a jumble. There was rushing about and people getting sorted out. And whatever bunch of people knew what was going on, I didn't see them and they weren't aware of me and they certainly didn't bother to inform me what it was, and I was aware of this.

Next thing I remember, I was in a large room, like a conference room or boardroom. Many other people were there, not individually distinguished; we were all seated around a big table. I was extremely upset. Panicked, even. But it was one of those dream scenes where part of your awareness is in front, doing things, while another part watches in a curious but dispassionate manner. With the "doing" part of me, I was trying to scream, was desperate to make some kind of loud noise. But no matter how hard I screamed and hurt my throat and strained my vocal chords, only the tiniest whisper emerged. The watching part of me was equally puzzled why I couldn't make anything louder than a whisper and intent on planning out my path to the door that led out of there.

Once I emerged into the halls, I came upon an area where some sort of lame activity had been set up. No one seemed to be around. I took a seat on a blue mat, kind of like the padded mats they have in gyms, which was near a wall across from the erstwhile lame activity. I may have had a snack or something, or maybe just wanted to rest.

Before I'd even got settled in my seat, some brusque young lady in a fit of pique (obviously one of the people who'd known all along what was going on) stormed up to me. She thrust a paper citation at me and snapped, "You have placed your butt in a non-butt-sitting area! You are hereby sentenced--" I interrupted her with a wide, engaging smile, bowed from the waist, and said something like, "Why thank you so much! Now that I am aware of it, I am happy to comply with this regulation!" Then I snatched the ticket from her hand, got pissed, and decided enough was enough.

Last scene, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror here in the apartment. The mirror and toilet and tub along what is the west wall in real life were all normal. However, the other side of the room was completely different. It had four very large windows, knee-to-ceiling height (the ceiling was very high), all of which were cranked half open and had screens. I made silly faces at myself in the mirror for a bit, feeling that this was the wrong thing to do for some reason but not minding it especially. Then I glanced up into a corner of the ceiling and saw an axe embedded high up on the wall. I looked down, and there right to the left of the mirror was another axe, shorter of haft but wickeder of blade, with what looked like gang symbols painted around it. I looked over my shoulder at the windows, and sure enough, on the one all the way on the right the screen had been neatly slashed along the right-hand side from top to bottom. Next to it I could see a wooden back porch on the building next door which led up right past that window. Hurriedly I cranked both of the right-hand windows all the way shut.

As of the moment, not too many ideas what it might mean. But it was cool as hell! I worked a nine-hour shift, all of which was busy, came home and watched part of the NBA draft and a couple of TV shows, and still had the whole thing!