news update. blerg.

Have now created:

Facebook account for general consumption (no content yet)
Extra blogger for communicating with relatives (one post)
Dummy email account for "spamming" or registering on lesser forums

List of chores, starting with the internet:

Update Facebook and connect with relatives
Put relatives on blogroll on extra blog
Find lesser forums from which to recruit potatoes* for Day of Discord discussion
Call Howard, talk about insurancey stuff
Call Jim, talk about landlordy stuff
Open utility bills, figure out which things need to be paid...then worry about switching them into my name

Actually got the first verse of [don't forget] today. Maybe the beginning of the second. Busy at work as expected; glad I went to bed somewhat early, cause I was beat and today I need the energy. New Saltation chapter finally posted after a month-long wait! This is one of those times where people are talking to me about random crap because I'm in a friend/confidant role to them, thus interrupting my work AND my play and it makes me mad at them. Interrupting me is the way to go! Sign up now for a free sample of my nonexistent wrath! Other people are also of course getting interrupted, but they get to get mad about it themselves.

Want to pout and be grouchy but it's too high-energy of a taig today for that to even remotely work. I'm just hoping I'll be able to print out a chapter of something and go outside for a few minutes. Day like today the peeps and their peeping would follow me out onto the sidewalk, around the block, all the way to the bus stop...
Unless I get my ducks in a row before steeping away from my desk. Blerg indeed.

*potatoes sit just as still as cabbages, but taste better and are more versatile as foodstuffs. I am also a potato.