the only road

Came up with the chorus and verses for this one while repeatedly walking to the city's office of various crappy permits from work one day. It's about a mile each way. It was an abominably hot day, perfect for writing the blues. Something about the absolute lethargy inspired by extreme heat lowers my creative inhibitions in ways that drugs and alcohol can't.

While I was figuring this out for the guitar, Dave pointed out that the rhythm and chord sequence on the verses are almost the same as both Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and Queen's "We Will Rock You." Then I noticed the extra-long bridge is just like the bridge from Local H's "The One With 'Kid'" except with different chords. This pissed me off, but then again, none of those songs are the blues especially, nor do any of them really suck. (Although Dave would disagree about "Pour Some Sugar On Me". He has no use for Def Leppard.) If there's one thing I learned from Shakespeare, it's this: When you steal ideas from enough different people at once, it isn't really stealing.

I don't know why I'm posting so damn much today. Edgy I guess. I flip back and forth sometimes out of the worry mindset that looks at how close disaster seems to loom, into enjoying the present. As soon as I start enjoying the present again I feel stupid for being so worried in the first place.

So by my own motto, guess which one is the smart mindset, the one I should stick with. I hope I can.

granddaddy was a trainman, daddy had wheels
in my heart two slivers of sun-bright steel
seem to meet in the middle at the end of my eyes
but however far I travel they're the same damn size

so away I go, away I go
away I go
down the only road I know

mama got a heart like a pretty machine
put my mind back together but it never runs clean
pull my rails off the tracks, point 'em up at the stars
bind my hands round my back, now I'm lookin' at bars

so away I go, away I go
away I go
down the only road I know

what am I
so scared of
keep my head down
pull my hair up
a glad hand
a bad habit
spent sand, a
dead rabbit
why call this
I want to see what I'm missing
want to be what something
has to show
for it
go for it

down the only road
the only road
the only road I know

Tomorrow might be my last day. Then again, I doubt they have anyone lined up to get the payroll out on time next week. We'll see what happens.


Amber E said...

Sweetie, we will have to kick disaster in the ass. Insert many loving platitudes that you know I am capable of saying here. I love you dear and if there is anything I can do let me know. If I can't do anything but listening or just knowing you and Dave or not alone would help let me know that too. Muah,