second day of temp job. wrote poem!

I've done 12-hour shifts before, but never on back to back days. Whoo hoo! Three or so weeks of lazing about, watching television, and consuming various substances was fun. But as time went on I became increasingly restless and mopey from the inactivity. Now I'm exceedingly busy doing something which involves neither icy, skidding patches of ethical dubiousness nor full fledged panicky defense against unforeseen disasters which would have been preventable only by increased vigilance on the part of persons whom I cannot presume to instruct!

Also I decided to write a sonnet. And in the grand old tradition of, "Well, I'm boring, here's something I'm looking at," I decided to write a sonnet and eventually found something to write one about. No title yet. Maybe I can be like Shakespeare and have people just refer to them by their opening lines. Hehehe. May need revising later.

This building's marble planters stand foursquare,
Brimful of blooms which soothe the autumn eye.
They will not stay to taste December's air,
Wilt in its winds--clash with the owner's tie.
The building manager decrees their fate,
Which nature once decided by its whim.
This tile's all right: those flowers, out of date.
Those tenants, well-behaved: these bulbs, too dim.

Why put down roots in cubicles of cloth
When houses made of stone are not secure?
When you fall prey to time, or pride, or sloth
You'll be replaced--of that you may be sure.
No, you've no choice, my friend. Neither do they.
Plants dig for water: we must work for pay.


Amber E said...

Ah, such is life, you are an amazing poetess dear. I'm glad the new job is going okay. P'rhaps you could post the poem on the other blog too. Miss you, Love Fey