Swiss cheese sleeping bag

(New song! Too happy about it to wait for Monday. "Doubt salmon" in verse two is a reference to the late great Douglas Adams, and "my brother" in the same verse refers to Myke, since I have no biological brothers. If you don't know who that is, I'll spare you the story. This song is a genuine rocker, which pleases me! The chorus uses some of those E-form bar chords I learned in order to be able to play "The Sad Punk" by the Pixies. Oh yeah.)

I don't mean to be a drag
but I'm all full of holes
like a Swiss cheese sleeping bag
with no pressure I come undone
jellyfish melting away in the sun
my mind climbed up above the tree line
and the cold wind always seems to be finding

the holes
the holes
the holes

the crooks ran out of banks to rob
and I'm hung from a fishing pole
trying to land me a job
a doubt salmon, a tuna melt
now I know how my brother felt
I crawled here on my own, but look
can someone please get me off of the hook

through the holes
the holes
the holes

my Swiss cheese sleeping bag got wet
think I smell mold
but I ain't dropping it yet
I got nowhere else to be
and nobody I can blame but me
so boil hot water, don't sit scratching
thread that needle, girl, start patching

the holes
the holes
the holes