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I am almost drunk enough to go make chocolate chip cookies. In the meantime, though, I'm'a play some KoL turns and post this fragmenary bit of content. Thank you, by the way, Amber and Lorena, for your kind words about my sonnet and such! I like to think I am not losing my touch.

This thing will be a song, but so far I have only the first verse and chorus. Slight inaccuracies in scansion are covered over by vocal show-offery which, alas, you cannot hear yet:

can't get me moving
unless I'm dragged up by the chains of duty
but if I stand still
I can't wave my hand and call forth beauty
gotta find what's left of me
at the end of the live-long day
gotta hope it's enough
enough, enough to give away

I'm in the middle of it
I'm in the middle of it
come get some, come get some from it


Lorena said...

can't get me moving
unless I'm dragged up by the chains of duty

Exactly! That's how I feel. I need duty so I can move. That's why I am trying to get back to the workforce.

I think people with a tendency to be depressed who also have a strong sense of responsibility are "saved" by having a job.

Next time I have a job I will really appreciate it.

Gideon said...

"I think people with a tendency to be depressed who also have a strong sense of responsibility are "saved" by having a job."

"Next time I have a job I will really appreciate it."

It's easy to get into a cycle of quitting, Lorena. You need to buck up and follow through. You could start with your blog. Blogs are an excellent tool in character development!

Lex, love the poetry! But, is that the booze talking, or is it the real McCoy?

"come get some, come get some from it"

Hope you're not selling yourself too cheaply, girl!


Lorena said...
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Fiat Lex said...

Lorena -

Saved from the doldrums, aye! ^_^ Serotonin production was a real concern during my months of unemployment; now I have to worry more about getting my muscles to develop so I can put in a full workday without so much hurting!

And getting into the workforce is a great idea, even if you just end up with something part-time. Part of what went into this song fragment was my wry amusement at the fact that I don't seem to do much creative work unless I'm busy. I suspect it's the same for a lot of people; we need at least a little bit of outside impetus to kick ourselves into high gear!

Gideon -

Welcome to place!

Re: your comments to Lorena, I want to ask--How much of her post history did you backread before you decided to characterize her as a person incapable of follow-through who falls into cycles of quitting? Cause it seems an awfully large character judgment to take from the mere fact of deconversion.

As for whether my lyrics here are "the real McCoy"--I invite you to explore the "poetry and lyrics" tag on my sidebar. The tags go back a good coupla years, so there's plenty of sample size to make an informed judgment. As to the quality of the final song here, ah, I won't know till I've written it. ^_^

I see you have gleaned that the last line of the chorus is seductive in tone. However, if you look more closely, you may note the following correspondence:
"I'm in the middle of it"
"come get some from it"
You see, rather than saying to the beloved, "come get some from me", here I am saying, "come get some from this thing I am in the middle of."

Selling myself cheaply, indeed. *giggles* Some currencies cannot be converted into other media of exchange. I know this; so have no worry on my account.

Gideon said...

Well, Lex, I guess you know what happens (with Lorena, anyway) when I visit a blog... it gets boycotted! So, if you have the... er... stones to indulge the ol' Gid, we'll give 'er a go...

I've "gleaned" all that I need to know about our little Spanish sweetheart. Not hard, really, as she provides most of the intel... the rest is easy to figure out. I did mention one other time, on John's blog, and when she wasn't boycotting him, that I, also, dealt with a particularly crippling bout of depression, some years ago. John mentioned that he had some issues with the condition, so I empathized. (Yeah, I can do that!)

Lorena, I guess, was too busy slamming others that didn't agree with her on her religious tirade. She also boycotted my blog, (since disbanded) and I did offer an apology to her, but, well... I guess you know about her, by now, as well.

So, I know about depression, unemployment, etc., but, there comes a time when one must simply buck up and move on up. Developing the constitution of a rhino is often beneficial, too, in this 21st Century. Hang around me long enough, you'll get that! *Tee-hee*

Oh, and don't pay those "seductive" comments of mine any mind, this old road warrior has been around the block, you know. After more years than you've been alive on the road, (professional driver) this boy has seen almost all there is to see. (I haven't been into space, yet... never seen a Klingon... oh, wait! Yes, I have... LOL!)

No, seriously, I think you have talent in the writing thing. You should keep it up. Write a book. I'll buy it!


Gideon said...

One last point on Lorena, and she can take this however she likes...

Just because some people piss you off, you don't just turn your back on the decent ones, and there ARE some of those in the Christian faith. She, like many of those hardened infidels she's taken up with, are simply whiners that didn't get what they thought they should have, so, now they're mad, and they're taking their ball and going home.

It's not like I haven't seen the same bullshit, nor been tempted to leave, but, there is this common belief among the unwashed that becoming a believer somehow imbues perfection (or should) upon oneself upon enlistment. It doesn't quite work that way.

Your physiology doesn't miraculously change, you're still very much human, and, where humans go, so does controversy. The whole idea behind faith is that it gives one HOPE. After spending half of my life as an agnostic, by golly, I just don't see a lot of friggin' hope in the religion that she's chosen! Three score and ten, then... nothing! And, their much beloved 'science' is so shot-full of inconsistencies, it's laughable!

In case they or you or anyone hasn't noticed, there isn't any "evolution" going on in society, in fact, society's going down the head rather quickly! So much for this progression that humanists are always barking about. Oh, sure, now and then some little ray of light shines through, in some individual act of benevolence or kindness, but, overall, this world is surfing downward in ever-tightening spirals.

Well, different strokes, I suppose. But, just don't try and sell me a defective product, and, that's what atheism is.