some of the good guys

Talked with Amber on the phone again, and because I am extremely lazy, I'm putting up the links to some cool things I found here. In the blog window I already had open, rather than open a new window and put them in an email.

In addition to being that lazy, my other reason for posting these here is that I want everyone to see them, even though I told Amber about them first. Well, second, if you count Dave who was in the room with me and hence got to hear me go "squee!" for the birdy and the cake. And also weep for the cake. (Different cakes, though.)

In this Pleiotropy post, Scientica Pro Publica 9, there is a video of a crow that demonstrates one reason why they are my favorite bird. This crow has a straight wire and is confronted with the conundrum of a basket of food hidden at the bottom of a very tall glass. And this thing has a brain smaller than my cat's brain! And my cat can barely play fetch!

A tale of two circles by barkingreed. Just like there are two Americas, there are also two Christianities!

Charity, conclusions and cake over at slacktivist. Evangelism: UR DOIN IT RITE

More Geeky Cupcakes at geekologie. Including one that I want to find out who makes, so I can have it made for some birthdays next year:

And something I covet for my very own use and enjoyment:
:D For this, I would learn to sew a straight line by hand!