This poem was a birthday present for Biljana, one of the ladies who works at the Starbucks in my store. Last week I'd read "composition" to her right after I wrote it. She really liked it, and since her birthday was this week she asked me to write one for and about her. I accepted with glee! She just turned either 19 or 20 (I forget XD) but this sort of touches on most of the things she's shared with me about her life. I made several attempts at a poem for her, none of which really seemed right. On the way to work on the bus yesterday, I finally hammered this out. It ended up being from an emotional place pretty close to things I feel now too, but it's written as though she's the speaker. And she liked it! Win!

Perhaps one day I'll have enough poems by or about people or written by request to have a "poems for people" collection. That would rule.

expectations lie. I've given up
my vision of the time
when the respect I earn is truly mine
when you see what I work so hard to show
when you know what I know. I know
it's too much to expect
the same consideration
I bend over to extend. so I reject
my expectations.
maybe now we can be friends.

since everything you break, you buy,
now that I'm done expecting, I
can only hope, and try to see
in you what you won't view in me.

I'm young, but I still have the power
to fight for every working hour
to reach for love like every flower
turns its face to the sun.
don't bother getting in my face
I doubt you have the time to waste
it's my--and no one else's--place
to tell me when I'm done.

and I am done with expectations--
yours or mine, small or great.
I'll overcome my situation.
just you wait.


Julie Hedeen said...

Wow! You have until my birthday or mother's day or aunt's day or possibly Christmas to write me a poem! Take all the time you need!

Fiat Lex said...

:D I am glad you like.
And yes, I will write you a poem. We simply must talk on the phone first though. Er, so I can gather info. Yes, that's why. *shifty eyes* Not just to chat and say hi and stuff. ;) I will get your number from the ladies, or dig up one of the scraps of paper on which I scribbled it last time I got it from them. Also, I will ask what your birthday is, cause I am a horrible niece and do not remember. XD It's late in the year, right?

Julie Hedeen said...

no, it's in March so you have LOTS of time. With your two jobs are you going to be able to come in July? I suppose not. You did call me once a few months ago, so maybe I'm in your phone. Otherwise I can send you a message on facebook. I have a video of you at Christmas time at David's house. Being the color commentator of a family hockey game--do you remember? About 1995. I'm sorry I didn't think of sending it to you for a birthday present. I now have a DVD recorder so I can do it.