harvest of grace

My Grandma Jule sent me an awesome birthday card with a cool poem in it. I say cool because usually poems in cards are dreck, but this one was very much not dreck. It was a really thoughtful thing for her to do. All the more so because a) the pick-me-up was extremely welcome in this crazy everything-happens-at-once time, and b) she just survived a "small" heart attack and is adjusting to lifestyle changes, meds--all the stuff we all dislike medical issues for. Therefore I wrote her a poem. She'll get the original in the mail in a few days, but here for your (and perhaps her, if she gets online time) viewing pleasure is the e-text version.

Cause everyone needs a pick-me-up. Especially awesome grandmothers one doesn't get to see nearly often enough.

come on, give me a shove
so I'll do what I must
I'm one bright spark of love
gently breathed into dust

songbirds perched out of sight
and wet dew on the lawn
sing and wink in the light
and beckon me, "Come on,

don't be discouraged! Not
when the worm wriggles loose,
or the sun burns too hot
for the rain on your roots.

"There are seeds in the fields;
water deep in the soil.
We are nourished, and yield
without labor or toil."

so as I face this day
in my own little place
let me yield, and make way
for a harvest of grace.


Julie Hedeen said...

You totally blessed Grandma Jule's day you know! How often do you get snail mail nowadays with your own personal poem! She said she couldn't wait to show it to me, and now I find it here! She never did remember to bring me the card and now she's at Jamie's house for a couple of days. So, thanks for blessing my mom back!