musical mondays

Last night was my live debut!

Sounds impressive, to put it that way. Really me and Dave went with Pearl to her favorite hookah bar, which has open mic on Sunday nights. So I got to play stringy thing and my own songs in front of a crowd of strangers for the first time evar. Unless you count that now-closed coffee shop which had a poetry open mic or two--but I don't think I played guitar there.

Me and Pearl started off with Greensleeves/What Child Is This, which we always sound good doing. A brief attempt to practice in the car had confirmed I got to do the What Child Is This lyrics while she did the Greensleeves ones, because she remembered Greensleeves better. Then these, with Pearl singing along sometimes: "but the ghost", "emptiness/the only road", "where home is" (dropped a few chords but kept momentum), "destination please" (and got the high note okay!), and closed with a cappella "all-consuming." Me and Pearl need to practice together more so we can work out harmonies and stuff. I kept looking over at Dave, asking what song I should do next, but as much so I could reassure myself that he was there. Just like at home; made me feel much better. :) Bantered with the crowd some, too. It was the big fun! I must do it again, maybe other places, maybe same place.

Also, Pearl found a song I'd written earlier this year, on a tiny folded slip of paper I'd been using as a bookmark while reading War Before Civilization. She found the slip of paper when I returned the book and said, "Is this your notes about the book?" Because it was a slightly oversize Post-It covered on both sides with extremely tiny writing. I held it up and squinted and was like, "nope, this is a song." And sang her the first verse and first chorus, as the tune came back to me.


repetition - of the act
it gets easier, easier cause of it
repetition - just like that
it gets harder and harder to fuck with it

I closed my heart
cause I felt afraid
you opened your arms to me
anyway, anyway, anyway

repetition - knock on wood
turn the ares and the ises into the shoulds
repetition - hold on tight
what was nothing will soon be the only right

can I behave if you tell me true
need to be brave when I
talk to you talk to you talk to you

repetition - paves a way
superstition built on how it is today
repetition - of a step
cross the distance until there's no distance left

holding me back
from your loving eyes
I'll be fool for you fool for you fool
until I get wise

here's my heart you deserve it
love practice makes permanent
heart you deserve it
love practice makes permanent
practice makes permanent


So this is my idea. Divide up the days I normally post, and if I post on a day, make it thematic. Might be fun. Keep Tuesday and Wednesday how they are. Monday can be music, Thursday maybe fiction, Friday...I could take a page from You are Dumb and make it Spastic Topic Monkey Friday. We'll see.

Might be taking tomorrow off to go get this lump at the back of my throat checked out. It's become quite painful.