Tuesdays With Abhorrent Fiends vol 40.

Is there a theme to Tuesdays with Abhorrent Fiends, really? Naah.

It hasn't had a theme, really, it's just been my excuse to get in a blogpost on Tuesdays. But now that I'm shooting for a different type of blogpost on every day of the week, it makes sense to try and impose some specificity on it. So, if there's been one, it's only that everyone (including me) may be classified as Abhorrent Fiends at one point or another. And that by contemplating the Abhorrent Fiends I know on Tuesdays, I may gain some insights into the dark and sinister nature of the Universe.

Speaking of secrets of the universe, I have found a shiny new toy: the Galaxy Zoo. This is a wonderful website where mutual enrichment between scientists and laypeople can take place. Scientists who have obtained images of galaxies from around the universe can get laypeople to slog through the tedious images and help to classify them according to certain basic types. The laypeople, meanwhile, get to look at pictures of galaxies on the internet and classify them, FOR SCIENCE. Which is way different than looking at, say, pictures of humans on the internet and classifying whether you think they are hot or not FOR LULZ. Or looking at pictures of cats with captions and deciding whether or not they are funny enough to email to all your family and friends FOR YOUR EVERLASTING SHAME.

And if you are lucky, you might come across something as exciting as Hanny's Voorwerp! Voorwerp, sadly, is merely the Dutch word for "object". Since Hanny is Dutch. So it's not some cool scientific name for a hitherto undiscovered race of space goobers. I bet Hanny wishes it was. On second thought, she might not. Especially if the goobers turned around and eradicated all human life for being so impolite as to notice them.


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Fiat Lex said...

I will forgive your internet abbreviations, but only because you are my first commenter in weeks.

Amber E said...

I once signed up for Galaxy Zoo but then became lazy and played KOL instead. I keep meaning to actually classify galaxies because it would be useful and neat.
Love ya,