eviction song

Written just now! I was gettin' all nostalgic because of not being able to play guitar on this back porch much longer. The guitar part is really pretty--I heard it in my head first, and am kinda surprised it was so easy to play. Tried to make it one of those songs where this specific experience can be metaphorically generalized, so the song-story can apply to other people's similar-but-different experiences. Bit of a rising action at the end. Chords included in parentheses, although there's actual picking in this one. But the chords give a general idea of the tune if you know how to strum 'em. Chord sequences repeat until superseded.

back when the moon was full (F C G D)
I was so self-assured (F C D )
just getting comfortable
in this place I cannot afford

take a deep, deep breath, girl
they don't charge for the air like the land
you can clutch at the carpet and weep but still
it has slipped from beneath your hands

take your ancestors' ashes down off the shelf
load 'em up on your full faith and credit
one last look at the skin of your childhood self
one last curse that you had to shed it

pick your landing site (F C G@3fr Bm F)
and stick it (C D)
got a problem left
just lick it
pack your baggage
here's your ticket
all you have is all you have (C G G@3fr Bm)
all you have is all you have
all you have is all you have

'cause you're evicted (C G D)


Amber E said...

It was great to see you today. Sorry I didn't get to hear the song yet but at least we had a visit. Love you both.

Fiat Lex said...

Love you too and great to see you, and thanks for doing our laundry! :D I left you a voicemail.