halcyon days are ovah!

Just as well that I seem to have scared Gideon off. (And just as I was getting warmed up, too!)

My landlord wants us out by the 28th, if possible. He is so very reasonable and nice about it, on the phone. Even--certebus parebus, all other things being equal--I agree he has been more than generous. But I can't keep up this damn place on the pittance I make and that's a fact.

Now all that remains is to determine:

--Which mom(s) will allow us (and/or cat) to move in with them of a sudden
--Which people we know are willing to help us move out
--Which storage facility shall house whatever of my/Dave's/Dad's stuff we don't want to either give to our local thrift store or throw away
--Where I will work that I can get to from wherever I must live next

And other things of that nature. Wish me well, or if you know me in real life, let us get in contact soon, and I will beg you for whatever assistance you can render!


Amber E said...

Love you dear, I think better after sleep so we will catch up tomorrow. Will figure stuff out etc.

Fiat Lex said...

Yes, indeed. Sorry to spring bad news at the end of the day like this!

Amber E said...

Ach, you don't need to apologzie for bleeding either. I would rather have you mention it. Just since it is soon but not today we should think when I am awake.

Anonymous said...

No, Lexxy, you haven't scared me off. But, I read your very impassioned post and was very impressed! Such worldly wisdom in one so young!

Let's face it. Many, even most of today's young are fat, lazy dullards, computer and Blackberry addicts.

So, you have to move... because, you can't afford it? Does that Dave character work, or are you keeping him?

Fiat Lex said...

Amber -

You are awesome and thank you!

Seriously, thank you for being patient with me on the phone tonight, even though I was unfairly shrieky at you for a bit, due to being afraid of not being able to find apartment which doesn't require a security deposit. But due to mysterious reasons of either (by your reckoning) divine or (by my reckoning) magical origin, you ended up not hanging up on me, and we stayed on the phone and you helped me find many possible places to rent! So again, you rock, and Mom also rocks, and let's see what happens.

Also on Monday, I plan to hyphenate, so you know. :D

Gideon -

I am very glad not to have scared you off! Please take your time responding to my last post, or just hang out if that is what you wish to do.

See, many people want to be many things when they grow up. I want to be wise, and have wanted this for some time. I am aware of the extent of my foolishness moreso now than when I began, so perhaps my efforts are not entirely in vain. ;) I promise not to let your compliments swell my foolish head.

My generation came of age during a time of unparalleled idleness, and we enter adulthood during a time of low idleness. Everything we learned as kids and teens is wrong, at least when it comes to practical matters like what it takes to make a living. So I try to be compassionate with my peers who have trouble adapting, and even to be a little patient with myself sometimes. Oh, I consider myself quite lazy, and at times I behave like the consummate dullard. But a quirk of genetics has made it easy for me to keep my girth down. No virtue in that!

As for Dave, though he has worked from time to time, at the moment I keep him. Just picture the gender roles as reversed, if you will, and it will seem much less odd. Keeping me on an even keel really is a full-time job sometimes, now more than usually.

Anonymous said...

Yo, girlie... here's an example of what I mean about a dumb-assed society. I had a discussion about this very subject with another youngster (very much your inferior) that you might find interesting.

Whoa! Dave works "from time to time"? At what? Fresh air inspecting? Ditch the loser, hon. I've seen this TOO many times. You're looking through rose-colored glasses, here! What you have is a GIRLFRIEND, not a man. No rocket science needed, in this scenario. You deserve better than that!

Oh, I will comment on your post. It's very good, very thoughtful. Just busy, this week. See, unlike some, I have to work to help keep this mockery of a society going.

Anyway, later, okay?

Fiat Lex said...

Ah, I see you have other happy trolling grounds than here. Glad to see you're having fun and in general choose targets better suited to your methods than myself.

Dave is an excellent girlfriend to me, as I am a very good boyfriend to him. The fact that I was born female and he was born male is an irony that I pointed out to you before you used it as an insult, so I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish there.

Perhaps it's self-indulgent of me, but I really get along better in life having "an help meet" to keep all the sides of myself communicating with each other, and to bring me back to earth when I get all head-in-the-clouds. (Or in the sand, like an ostrich.) Also to help with housekeeping, errand-running, news of the world outside the tiny universe of work-sleep-work, et cetera. Between the two of us we are a whole, functional adult human. If my arrangement with Dave was going to break down I think it would have done so before now.

But of course non-monetary contributions to one's well-being are difficult to explain, and hence of no value in the eyes of visiting pundits! :)

Anonymous said...

"But of course non-monetary contributions to one's well-being are difficult to explain, and hence of no value in the eyes of visiting pundits! :)"

Hey, whatever floats your boat, there, kiddo! None of my concern, and, believe me, I won't be kept up at night over any of it! Case closed!

Hope you find that lodging that's right for you. I'd help you out, there, but, you know how it is living under bridges, in caves, etc, all that troll shit. It's not for everyone.

Now... about non-monetary contributions and misinterpretations... you've already judged the Gid... think that ought to cut you any slack in Trollville? Hey, the rent's mighty cheap, there... so is the punditry...

Perhaps, maybe, a tad more objective, too!


Fiat Lex said...

Hehe. That was a nice "I know you are, but what am I?" there. Since you've thus far failed to enrage me, you're content to hang around and hump your own leg. Which is why, in my previous comment, I upgraded you from troll to pundit. :) Are your feelings less hurt now?

Anonymous said...

I'm not the one lashing out over advice on how to ditch a parasite...

Amber E said...

Fiat dear, remember Princess Bride? Specifically the part of the movie where the one guy keeps saying 'Inconceivable' and Andre the giant's character finally says I don't think that word means what you think it means. Well I do not know what Gideon means by lashing out but it is not what I mean by it because your response to him was, by my reading tolerantly amused, and amiably explaining in a rather off hand fashion. Lashing out should have pain and lip quivering as opposed to mellow slightly tired amusement.

Fiat Lex said...

Teehee, Amber, good one.

Oh, Vizinni is perfect to caricature you, Gid! You just have to change the line a little bit:

"The most famous, of course, is Never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this! Never go in against a pundit when imaginary moral superiority is on the line! Ha Ha ha! HA HA HA!" *thud*

Geds said...

This is why I offer trolls no quarter when they step in to my house. They will walk in assuming that I am some sort of horrid, useless abomination since I have had the temerity to reject their imaginary sky daddy and they'll make up all kinds of stories about why I left the church in order to satisfy themselves that it is, indeed, me who is at fault and that there is still a reliable framework though none can be seen.* Given that there is no genuine intent to learn on the part of your average troll and that I feel no compulsion to show myself as some sort of model of non-belief, I prefer to make them feel most unwelcome.

After all, it seems that they simply want the feeling of persecution in order to justify the fact that they are not, in fact, despised like Jesus said they'd be. So they have to manufacture some persecution by finding someone to beat them about the head and arms.

I would not be surprised to find out that a few of my trolls were posting their mangled philosophical excrement with only one hand whilst keeping the other beneath the surface of the table, if you catch my drift...

*Also, that's an awesome run-on sentence. One of my all-time favorites of the ones I can currently remember.

Anonymous said...

"Given that there is no genuine intent to learn on the part of your average troll and that I feel no compulsion to show myself as some sort of model of non-belief, I prefer to make them feel most unwelcome."

Geds... next time you're passing through, why don't you?