status update

mood: Holding steady.

weekend: good. possibly very good.

payroll: Has arrived! I looked through it, only two very correctable errors. My best yet.

communications: Have talked to Meg and Fey (albeit briefly) last night. Woot! Have received a very heartening email from Myke to which I hope I will respond today. Have not heard from that headhunter I sent my resume and shit to last week. Wonder if he called Saturday while my phone was off.

upcoming: If indeed my paycheck is signed today and I get to bring it to my bank and get VizMoney, there is this poetry thing at a place I want to take the bus to tonight. I hope. I am hopeful.

in the Fiat news: Reading Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. So good. I wish I could write like him. And especially I wish I could see magic in the world as he does! Did. Whatev.