Tuesdays With Abhorrent Fiends vol. 17

Never thought I'd get a chance to post up today!

Oh, and a mountain of paperwork. Y'ever have the experience of trying like hell to get your superiors to notice some vitally important thing relating to your job, finally getting them to sit down with you and understand the jist of it, then have them ram through a massive comprehensive solution and say "Get this done before you leave the office today!" And then when you're very specific about what complex and time-consuming tasks this will involve, have them say go ahead anyway?

All and still, I feel good about today. As I said to Bossman earlier, great days are not the same as easy days. The greatest of days are frequently the hardest. I thought of a poem line earlier that went "done in the old hard-fashioned way."

Haven't talked to Amber way in too long, Myke in more than a week, Pearl in almost a week. Last night I left my phone at the office and didn't miss it! XP I'm just starting to get tired of Myke, I think. More on that later, if I can.

I'm only making this post cause I've been kicked off my workstation for the moment and have done everything I can do without getting back into the programs that aren't on any other workstation. Putting signs on my door threatening death to any who disturb me has no effect on the horde of hard-working, answers-looking-for people who know damn well my mission is to create order at the font of chaos to make people's lives easier.

Le sigh.

I had two full days' worth of work to be done when I walked in the door this morning, because our accountant was here yesterday all day and the program she needed was on my computer. Then this whole new other pile of work showed up. Not that I'm complaining about the things getting done. I'm all for that. It's just there's only one of me, and just as importantly, there's only one of my computer, so there's no way I can get done even half of what I need to do to get through a day.

I've been having dreams every night, but I haven't gone over them in my head to the point where I get enough "index tabs" of remembered plot images to be able to pull the whole rest of the thing out. All I know is they've been vivid and interesting and I wish I actually had the dayspace to work them out.

Today should have left me frantic and miserable and all that stuff but I've just been in the zone. The keeping it together zone. I even got to explain some of the facts of life (demonology version) to my smoking buddy Bill when I was out on a smoke break. Your personality interacts with your body to create your aura. If either your personality or your body is under great strain or is misaligned somehow, you throw off pieces of emotional energy into the atmosphere, which attracts psychic predators. So it's imperative to take care of your body on the one hand, and on the other to be careful with your personality and make sure you know how to keep it functioning smoothly. You can't go to a hypnotist to unlock the powers of your deep mind (subchapter of the No Shortcuts rant). In order to use your power effectively, your conscious mind, which has direction and control and outside awareness, has to work in good communication and tandem with your unconscious mind, which has awareness of the invisible world around you and direct access to all your inner resources. The only way to develop this kind of communication is with long practice. I guess you could call it mental muscle memory. It can't be a skill of the conscious mind alone.

I suppose since the boundaries between the conscious and the unconscious are not set in stone (or wood or metal or anything) it might not be always true, what I say above. Maybe some other strain of humanity in some alternate reality has their power up and accessible and it's just something people can do. But I think there are some things that structurally have to be the way they are. Conscious thought, the attending "I", already bears the terrible burden of having to confront and react to the constantly changing world. If consciousness was not sheltered from the power to communicate will and evoke causal directionality in the patterns of chance and the wills of nearby living beings, the strain might be too great to bear. Imagine if every time you thought something, or felt an emotion towards something, you got a noticeable reaction from the universe! It'd be terrifying.