holy vertebrae, Batman!

Good morning, ladies, gents and germs.

Today is a day of efficiency. And me talking just that slight bit beyond where I maybe ought to talk--but that's nitpicking. I'm doing great so far.

Me and Dave meditated together last night! Afterward Dave said something like, "It was weird. It was like being horny, only it made my brain horny for something to think about." *giggles* He is funny and awesomer than ever. But I am rather biased. And I'm hoping we can do it some more. Maybe I can figure out the procedural (metis? practical? way of doing that is like muscle memory?) difference between using my visual imagination to create pictures to contemplate on and using my mind's eye to stretch out and "look" at the underside of my spacetime surroundings. I was trying to do the second thing, and he was doing the first thing. We were shooting for the same image--I came up with a fairly simple one to start on. Oh, and Dave could feel his tail! Y'know, the symbolic representation of the gravity bond between the body and the earth that various types of energy can travel up and down. I had us picturing it as a shiny, shiny ruby red string going from the small of our backs to the center of the earth. Which I'd gotten from previous meditating some while back but don't use very often 'cause I know it's a real thing.

And just last night I was whining at Amber I wanted to do more witchy stuff! It seems the time is shaped propitiously. Man, I gotta start learning to want stuff.

I wonder if Bill (the head of the firm that does our accounting and insurance, he stopped by this morning) would consider stealing me from Mohammad later. I would really, really like a desk job again once I've grown that spine. I seem to need to stay here in order to do that.

Okay then, universe! You too, dog, if you feel like listening. I'm trying to want more things because it's apparently good for me. So here are some things I want that I want to tell you about, for whatever use that information may be to you:
I want to do more witchy stuff together with Dave.
I want to grow that spine I've been meaning to grow for awhile. I've made some good progress so far, and I have a hopeful suspicion the next few steps aren't going to be quite as painful as the ones I took when I started here. Those were foundational.
I want to learn to want things more skillfully and in more ways. That way next time I'm all telling you about things I want, they will be less vague and even perhaps funnier!
That is all for now. Muah.