So last night, I moved my laptop off the bed and set it on the floor in preparation for sleeptime. I unfortunately put it too close to the door and Dave didn't see it in the dark when he came in, so he wound up stepping on the already-much-abused network card. Which gave out. So my compy at home isn't on the web anymore. Something of a bummer for me, but more of a one of Dave, since I can play KoL on Dad's computer but it's my laptop that has LimeWire and our ever-growing collection of wonderful porn. Well, not ever-growing at the moment. So I'll be buying me a new network card when I gets paid again, if I can carve out budget space for it so to speak. That, or see if it wouldn't be almost as cheap to get myself a laptop slightly better than the one I have and get the guts transferred into the new one. I wonder if I could find a way to afford a laptop that has the network card already built inside the casing.

I just finished Pyramid Scheme. That's one nice thing about being the first office-working person to get here; I can sneak a chapter or two with the door closed. Especially if it's the thrilling conclusion.

Posting up to relate those things, but mostly because I haven't managed to get my mind around the idea of working yet today. I've tried, of course. Taken some reservations over the phone, filed some paperwork that was cluttering up my desk, that sort of thing. But when I try to do some real worky stuff, it hasn't clicked yet. They ain't made coffee upstairs yet and I'm still too unsure of what I'm doing with our monster coffeemaker to try making it myself.

[time passes]

Aha! I answered a phone call from a lady with many questions whose answers I knew well, and then called the Illinois Department of Revenue and got a human for the first time this week. Appears I can get to work now. I'm going to go look for coffee.