thank you for calling, may you help me?

I've gotten so much work and so much chilling done today I really can only react with a mild and pleased surprise. I have some trepidation (wasn't this in my last post also?) that things will be less tranquil next week when main boss is back from vacation and lady boss isn't the final word anymore. But she's been working seven-day weeks and fourteen-hour days and not being able to spend much time with her kids lately and I surely hope those rascal relatives of hers give her a vacation as well.

Read the prologue so far of the "Does God Play Dice?" book Meg gave me about chaos math; otherwise I've been distracted by "A Hymn Before Battle" from the Free Library. In direct contradiction to what I was saying to Amber on the phone yesterday, today I actually was able to read things in a web browser window because I've had these big gaps during the day where I could read with the door closed down here. Mmm, reading.

As always, the end of the day now is proving much more dense with activity than the beginning or middle. Angel, the hostess (as opposed to Angel the busser, who's a guy) accidentally called our own number and I picked up. Neither of us realized what happened until I'd finished my "thank-you-for-calling-may-I-help-you" schpiel and she burst out laughing. She was like, You'd think I'd recognize your voice before that! It's been that kind of a day; little busy things suddenly getting interrupted by something relaxing or cool.