Hong Kong Chicken Apocalypse

An infinity in the infinity place represents stability, harmony.

Spy Log #-27:

My relationship to explain; part way between Mr.


The Final Showdown of the OK Kid

A one in the plus position tells you to look around. The true magician derives his powers from the world around him. He notices what you do not. Found objects have the strongest energies. Look for totems, put together a voodoo tree decorated with hubcaps and lost homework, and whatever else you can find.

False memories of shootouts and keep your toes and lynchings.


A Clown Show

A plus in the one position means to expect the unexpected. Look to the other aspects of the card for hints on what to expect. Maybe you'll meet a new crush, or you could be in for a nasty surprise.

You are using Telecult Power #7:
Receiving Thoughts from Space
You are receiving a message from the operator WIZZO.

WIZZO: Mashit.