Feel like something's about to be happening, but I don't know what.
I never feel like something's about to be happening. I mean an actual thing, not a thing inside my brain. Stupid February. Horrible snow turns into tolerable slush.

Amber said Dude, call me. In a comment box! She never comments! I emailed her but I don't know if she got it!
I haven't spoken to Myke in weeks and my phone hasn't made a peep. I thought I could still receive calls with my phone dead? Otherwise it's odd nobody's called me, him especially. I'm supposedly supposed to go out there later this month.

I think I decided, pointy is eye is mercury, shiny is mouth is salt, sticky is hand is sulfur. I am not sticky enough. Hence, I don't faze, I don't addict, I don't get jealous. I don't bond. I don't remember. My easy transformations are all pointy or shiny.