static cling pouch for added freshness

What a conversation I had with Dave last night! Scary and concerning in spots, yes. But we both said things we didn't think we'd be able to say to each other, maybe ever, and stayed connected the whole time which is hard. The gravity was very heavy between us for awhile there. But I'm just so...I dunno, relieved isn't the word. I believed with only indirect evidence that something about our secret scary parts matches up perfectly. Now my reason for believing that is far less indirect, and that gives me much hope. If the two of us can each figure out something of how to move in the home mindspace of the other, not only will we be much better people, we will be unstoppable in pursuit of our commonly held goals.

Dreamed again, yeah, and had the feeling it was real important. But the only part that retained enough clarity to stick was the part where I opened the safe full of books. I was investigating the living place of some female known to me, not enemy exactly, but from whom I was hiding my looking-around activities because of some opposition between us. There was this enormous safe in the wall, with an unusual door in many layers. The center of the door had a big locking mechanism that looked a bit like a gear had been stamped out of the middle of the metal door--the gear-shaped space was empty because the lock was disengaged. I pulled down on part of it and the door rattled open to top and bottom, revealing the next layer of door which was split side to side with an identical, smaller mechanism in the middle. I was in a hurry to get it open so after the first I would just open one wide enough to reveal the mechanism in the next layer and pulled them all open at once. The inside of the safe was big, almost as tall and wide as the room I was in but not as deep; if I'd reached my arm in and leaned way over I couldn't quite have touched the back wall. There was a plastic sleeve, really a long long sheet of plastic folded in half with dividing edges stamped into it at exactly the width of a book. It was mounted in a spiral, open side of the pouch facing front, so the books could be pulled from anywhere in a very long spiral easily from the doorway. I began excitedly pulling them out, looking for things Dave might be interested in. Couldn't see any specific titles; they were mostly light sci-fi/fantasy, the kind I'm most into reading right now, books I really really liked a lot. I accumulated a bit of a pile somewhat randomly, not really knowing what was there or what I was looking for, and though I eventually settled on one I wasn't quite satisfied with it. The plot-remembering I got looking at the cover most reminded me of Curse of Chalion, which with its combination of magic and gods relates somewhat to the spirit of that important discussion mentioned above.

And for some reason this all inspired a slight re-write of an oldie but goodie song of mine, Static. One of Pearl's favorites I believe, and one of that first bunch arranged for the guitar back when I was first learning to play guitar. Haven't tried it on the stringy thing yet, obviously, but I'm sure it'll come back to me with a bit of practice.


signals crossed and we got lost
in a hurricane
I'm an albatross that the wind just tossed
and music is my aeroplane
radio beam gonna rip my seam
outside the at mos phere
let it alone cause I can't go home
and I won't stay here

state of the art, gonna shred my heart
to pay your fare
turn up the sound, get it off the ground
cause I'm off the air
the world pushed from its balance
by your fingertips
can you feel sometimes the invisible
brush of my lips

I almost drowned in it
you went to ground in it
everything that was round in the world it shatters
crash through everything that matters

static automatic in your senses gone erratic
in your drugs in your sex in your violence
I'm lost and I'm broken count the cost and I'm tokin
through your little cold metal from your hearts like islands
never can I get across the innocence that we have lost
the silver in your dross is your silence