Miércoles con los Amigos Invisibles vol 4.

'Nother marathon day yesterday. New personal record: 13 hours, 14 minutes worked. And we got the payroll out on time. Were I wearing a jersey, now would be the time to engage in jersey-popping to indicate that all should be aware of my excellence and the number which symbolizes it. Alas, restaurant office managers have no jerseys.

On second thought, that's probably a mercy.

I was just listening to Z talk on the phone to the guy who installed the custom sound system in his home. Increasingly amusing for me, it sounded very frustrating for him. After he got off the phone I was like, "Y'know, if the contractors on the Death Star had done that to Lord Vader, he would've just choked them with his force powers and made 'em do what he wanted." And Zubair grinned and said, "Oh, that'd be so awesome." He's not a confrontational sort of man--a good quality in a restaurant GM!--so his criticisms to the sound guy were very calm and mostly along the lines of, "I really don't see how you can run your business if you only concentrate on getting new business and cannot find the time to maintain the systems of your existing customers."

[why I don't spell magic with a k]

Oh, what's the use, to call it what we call it? What's the use
to speak of setting, binding, calling forth or even cutting loose?
I have left off chalky diagrams and howling at the moon.
I kept a knife inside my satchel once; now it's a spoon.

I had rather stir my coffee, yes, or hang it from my nose
Than pretend I might get off my ass to battle unseen foes.
When it rains, don't dig the garden up to find out where it goes.
Though you dream of holy palaces, you'll wake in dirty clothes!

If the vestments make the person, in these sweaters, I'm a ghost
Rattling names that trickle off my back: accountant, sister, host.
I can't find one I mind the least or fit inside the most.
No one asks what dreams portend--just "How much have we grossed?".

I suspect old maids and children only keep this science best
Because no one bothers them as much (And mages need their rest!).
We expect to see them sniffing flowers, asking things of trees
And don't think they're off their rocker when they dance around like bees

Passing messages only another bee could read aloud.
So it's not that I'm not interested, or that I've grown too proud.
It's not that I'm incompetent, and things won't take my calls--
And it's not that I'm so starved for it I'm climbing up the walls--

No! My energy's depleted by the rigors of a life
Having more to do with spoons and forks than some enchanted knife.
Like riding bikes, you don't forget; like moths, you swoon for light.
And if you cast a spell, I say, for dog's sake spell it right!


Amber J Eidson said...

Lol, good points about spelling. (Ha, pun.)

Fiat Lex said...

:D You know how well I love puns.

And thanky! I'm glad you like.