Miércoles con los Amigos Invisibles vol 3.

Yesterday I felt so wise, I ekpt *clears throat* scuse me, kept getting the instant-karma finger-wag for being a buttinski. On the other hand I think I was being pretty wise most of the time and gave some people good advice about stuff.
Today, though, I just kept getting more and more sluggish until now I'm like slumped over my keyboard. I hope I didn't catch what Angel's got, she's been stuffed up and sore-throat-having for days.

I sprained my ass last night. :D It was so worth it.
Well, maybe sprained is too strong. Definitely strained though. I regret nothing. 'Cept today sitting down and standing up, major parts of my job, make me feel like an old lady.

Been having real cool dreams I can't remember. I know awesome stuff is happening, I just don't know what. Feels like the same dreamscape that framed the awesome chase dream where the last scene ended up in that cool graveyard and I had a kitten in my satchel. Did I write that one down? Don't remember. I'm primarily writing this for the convenience of my memory, because any description I wrote down I fear would be more confusing than delightful.

But I think this series of dreams I've been having is a new phase of functionality for me, in terms of dream interaction. The series began with the one right before the abovementioned.
Okay, this first dram, *typogrumble* pardon me, dream of the series had one long shot near the end where I saw the shape of the world I was in. The early part had a lot of wandering around and flying through places which were known to me and fit my emotional template of "scenic, bucolic, worrisome enough to be interesting but no more than that." In the shot I'm referring to I was an owl. I flew up out of the place-envelope I was in and saw that the collection of places was like a grouping of asteroids in space. You know those close-up photos where it shows the ordered pattern of seeds in a sunflower spiraling in their lovely spiral shape to illustrate what a Fibonacci sequence is? Well, the bunch of asteroids were in a similar sort of lovely spiraling shape, only very loosely grouped in three dimensions. All the asteroids were different sizes and shapes, but they were oriented so that "up" was the same direction for all of them. Generally the light was brighter towards the center, though I don't recall any specific light source except the background of stars. Each had like a terrain or an environment on it and I knew (from experiences previous in the dream) that when you were in one it didn't appear to have edges, just felt like a regular place. From the inside there were enough connections between the terrains that it indeed felt like one big contiguous thing, instead of a bunch of discrete things. But anyway. I was an owl, flying through the spaces between the asteroids, up and outwards. I was headed towards one of the more remote, small envelopes. Flying was a big effort; I worried about my glide angle, flapping with sufficient strength and not overshooting or missing the asteroid I was getting to. Not that the terrain I was aiming for was particularly special, I just wanted to get to one reasonably like it and didn't want to go drifting off away from the area where they were all at. I landed, hard, and my body-feelings when I landed were human ones, arms and legs and things, even though I was still an owl as I had been while flying in there. I was relieved, and in glancing around saw a pleasantly grassy little area with a shimmering transport gate off to the side. The light was dim and, for lack of a better word, octarine. And you could see the edges of this terrain and outside it as you couldn't with the bigger ones at the interior of the group.
I woke from that dream and recognized almost before I'd got all the images sorted out that what I'd been looking at was a representation of my own mindspace. And lemme tell ya, this pleases me enormously.

The next dream, as I said, involved being chased. There was some sort of society of psychics or superheroes or magic-y people and I had just barely gotten accepted into the fringes of it. The beginning of the dream, before this, is almost completely gone: there was a kitten and I was talking to some people, I dunno. First real clear image is of me walking through a dim, quiet, respectable but rundown bar / restaurant to some sort of door in the back that led to the secret entrance of the meeting place of the people in the society. There were important famous people with big powers in the society and I was thinking about them as I walked in; I knew I had only one power and it was pretty small and didn't have many uses. I have some images from once I got inside the meeting place, but they're mostly somatic and the visuals are hard to get across. There was of course a conflict and many people (and not-people) on both sides; me and the weaker, less destructive group fled down (or possibly up) an elevator shaft. I was at the tail end of the escapees and ended up coming face to face with the main bad guy. Does it make sense to say I have complete visuals of that encounter but no describable mental picture forms when I call it up? Anyway. I locked eye contact with him and could feel him reaching out with his enormous panoply of psychic powers to mess me up because I was in his way. So I used the power I had: I looked into his eyes and saw his desire to attack me, and his desire to attack me got smaller and smaller and cooler and eventually faded like the air at the end of a sigh. Next image I have is of me and the other people on my side regrouping in this awesome ancient-yet-sci-fi-tech-feeling graveyard that we somehow felt was safe. And I somehow felt it reminded me of that little terrain I flew to as an owl in the previous dream. It had low walls between areas but it was also a room--kind of like in a videogame level where the edge of a map just looks like more scenery, only it's solid. I walked along a crumbly wall thing and looked down at the gravestones; one of them at the exact same patterns on it as some bubbles I'd been watching during my most recent waketime in a pot of water in which noodles were being boiled. Anyway during the regrouping I opened up my yellow satchel, which I'd had with me the other time, and discovered to my delight that the kitten I'd been carrying in there was okay. I got out my water bottle and poured some water into the cap so the kitten could drink, which it did thirstily. And I noticed there was another kitten in there, and determined to give it a drink as well. Then I woke up.

Much tech, yet I must leave work now or be very sad and have a much shortened evening at home. Vamos!