busted! ...NOT

Well, here I am again, at my desk.

Last night at around 9pm I was not certain I'd be here today. I got pulled over for (duh!) driving without headlights on. Considering I had an expired license as well as some...cargo along with me, I got off fairly light with a couple tickets and the towing fees I gave Dad to get his car out of the facility. The kind officers did not locate my small cargo, which had caused me some concern at the time. So I still have that for my personal use. Ironically it was concealed inside a package of Hershey's chocolate Nuggets, which makes both the chocolates and the dead plants which rode along with them my "lucky nuggs." Until they are all consumed. :D

We (me and Dave) had a lovely visit with Pearl and her friend Dan this weekend. We ended up watching TV almost the entire time. I did get a chance to talk with Pearl about some relationshippy stuff while she took me to the ATM and thence the grocery store. We both have, I think, the paranoidly reflex that it's better to talk about painful, personal emotional stuff in a very public place unless you can find a weird out-of-the-way place no one else would think to converse in. That and the fact that I can't give her relationship advice about a situation in which Dan is also a factor when he is in the room. Could she not have just invited me and Dave, or perhaps spent part of the weekend with me and Dave and Dan and part with just me and Dave? Huh? Well, Pearl has been developing good sense and restraint in many areas at once lately. She'll get subtle event-organizing stuff like that soon enough. Plus she does a lot more social interaction and social bonding than me and the weighing of multiple loyalties makes any decision-tree tougher to climb.

The results of my unpleasant time yesterday are as follows:
Written warning for driving w/o headlights
Ticket for driving w/ suspended license (court date will arrive in mail)
Dad's car towed to lot in Naperville (he is getting a friend to drive him there today)
I have vowed not to drive again until I have my license back.

Now, this is a serious vow, kind of like "I don't drive till I've had at least an hour to sober up after drinking/smoking" and "I don't play EverQuest / Warcraft or any real-time 3d graphics-based MMORPG." I haven't got many of them for a reason; they are restrictive. But this event was definitely an omen, and as a person who loves to note and interpret omens I took that meaning immediately. No more driving for Viz until I'm legal to drive.

Also, reading the back side of the omen, I have concluded that this year is a great year for me to see if I can find ways of participating in Operation Mindfuck. Which is Discordianese for "doing random creative things that disrupt and annoy people who really, really suck and who, by sucking, enslave the minds of others."

For easy things to start off with, I could do things on the internets perhaps. For medium difficulty, I would lurve to find out if there are Scientology-related gatherings in this area I could crash / infiltrate / pass out leaflets near / organize an hilarious demonstration about.

The reasoning is that the getting arrested was a stressful event, but I kept my cool and did my magics (or desperate appeals with my mind all squinched up with nervousness and concentration, if you want to be like that). And somehow, between the inattention of the officers, my coolth, and the merciful aid of various beings who are (or think I am) helpful, I managed to avoid getting busted for posession.

Maybe I should make that a Rule of Omens: Every omen contains both a warning and an encouragement.