content! live! without a net!

Whew! Feels like ages since I wrote anything. As in days of yore this one got me out of bed repeatedly last night--once because the compy battery started to die as I typed, once because I thought of a revision (not shown) that I had to put on paper after the compy was off. There's a word I forget for a song that has a verse-chorus-verse structure. This is the other kind of song, that doesn't. It starts out as a fairly expectable pop song; I've heard dozens of different musicians take on this song-spirit so I'm glad it turned into something quite different.
I'm doubly happy about this song because of that property songs seem to have where they reflect the emotional tone of a time whose forward edge has just impacted my psyche. Meaning the bulk of the time this song is from is in the (hopefully near) future.

[the world's alive]

this message is for general release
the birds, the beasts
the turds, the teats
the verb that eats the words
at least you heard
it beat, it beat, it beat

the elevator door and kept its fingers whole
it wasn't waiting for a tip to take control
I find it spilling from my lips and hands and soul
and so, and so, and so and so

turn out your pocketbooks
for clever hooks and let your brain run dry
turn out your friends, your cat,
your coat, your hat, your skin, your bones

what wrapped so tight around your light heart
you touched it but the bottom's not in sight
if it's all right
if it's all right
if it's all right
if it's all

too vast to hold between your hands
too strong to tie down with your plans
too fast to last unless you dance
in rhythm with its stride
you cannot always need to hide
just grasp the hand you stand beside
your vision of it died
the world's alive
the world's alive
the world's alive
the world's alive
the world's alive