post-weekend update (sorta with content?)

Doing much better today after a very restful weekend.

Dave also reminded me so that this time I remembered to bring the N64 back with me. Last night before sleeptime I actually got to play some Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Tis my personal favorite Zelda, and very soothing. My subconscious mind knows the game backwards and forwards and all I have to do consciously is look at shiny colors and decide in what order the game objectives should be pursued.

If only real life were like that more often, I would have fewer posts like my last coupla. XP

Parenthetically, I have GOT to remember to keep taking vitamins every day. I had been forgetting to for awhile, then took some vitamins over the weekend, and my low, lagging energy level finally stabilized. I woke up today feeling like I'd actually slept for the first time in a week! This could also be that I got good sleep over the weekend, managed to eat some fresh vegetables, etc. But I shouldn't be taking any chances.

In the words of Bjork,
"I don't know my future
after this weekend
and I don't want to"

Oh, and here's something similar to a poem I wrote on the train on the way back from Wheaton:

Not sick exactly or poor exactly
or lucky the way you might think.
Not so much lazy or surly or hazy
with too much to smoke or to drink.
Just the edge wore off the brightness a little
that drove me to sleep and to wake.
Just what gave me the worst fright; it's the middle.
I see no road other to take.
I thought I'd be maybe remembered while living.
For that you must give up all joy.
I thought I would make the cold camera forgiving.
For that you turn into a toy
that the shrewd can wind up and reprogram to suit them,
their carefully-plotted regime.
The crowd will sit up and let everyone loot them
with what they expect as it seems.