memo from Doctor Kills Everyone (not as interesting as it sounds)

Today was repeatedly infuriating.
Not in a terrible way, just little stuff. Like both printers going on the fritz at once while multiple phone lines were ringing and number one boss was sitting around telling me stuff we need to work on.

Note to self: change supervillain name to Doctor Kills Everybody. No one would suspect it was me, because "kills everybody" is so never part of my evil plans. Telepathically enslave everybody, perhaps. Secretly foment everybody in a direction of my evil choosing, absolutely. But I like the image of me hunched over my keyboard like some harried brunette Quasimodo going "mumble mumble teach you to mess with Doctor Kills Everybody little bitches."

Didn't see Mom this Easter or call her back Thursday like I said I would. Instead Dave's mom was out of town and he and I spent the weekend at her place. So my weekend was good. Two wake'n'bakes in one day good to be precise.

Finished Ill Met By Moonlight and it was tres awesome. Not as supremely marvelous as it would have been if I hadn't read By Slanderous Tongues first and had all the plot points spoiled for me flashback-style, to be sure. But still very very good.

Feel like I'm forgetting something I should be writing about. But this is possibly just because I've got several things that absolutely positively have to be done before I leave the office toda. And all of them are stupid and unnecessarily difficult because of things I have to deal with the public embarassment of even though they were in no way under my control.

I dunno what to make of me. I've been feeling all kinds of unaccustomed emotions lately. Not just major ones, I mean like getting annoyed at people and things whose foibles I would ordinarily have barely noticed. Doctor Kills Everyone does not have time for such foolishness.


Amber E said...

Hi Sweetie,
Happy Easter, etc. I'm glad you had a good weekend. I was crabby all last week because of the martian death flu but as my health improves so do my spirits. I miss you. I hope dad's Easter was okay. I can't remember how culturally Christian he is so I probably should have called but I was still feeling yucky on Sunday so didn't have all my brain cells working. Right now I'm enjoying Multiplex Man on the free library. I must buy Timespike and the sequel to By Slanderous Tongues but I'm still trying to get by on the free stuff. Doctor Kills Everyone is a great villian name. The Doctor can cut down on my call volume at work if the restaurant industry ever bores the good Doctor. Oh if you were wondering Mom had been trying to call because you were invited for Easter dinner. You are in general invited for supper if you would like to visit. Miss you dearie,

Fiat Lex said...

Hey hon! Muah!
I hope the Martian Death Flu gets totally whomped by your immune system; the version going around a couple months ago was as bad leaving as it was arriving. From what Dad told me his Easter was good. He seemed to indicate he'd rather spend it alone because the Mom years gave him bad memories of Easter togetherness. So he stayed home and watched the service at the Apostolic Church of God, a church he approves of cause he's known some people there or whatev. Which was apparently a fun thing.
Yeah, I know, I told Mom on Thursday when she called me at work that I would call her back that night and make firm plans for coming out there, but I totally didn't. I've thought about coming out there for dinner some evening; I would just have to work it out so I can take the train there and back in the same night.
We shall see! ^_^;