hard day's night...and new dream tech?

Yesterday I worked twelve hours and sixteen minutes. Got the punch slip to prove it. Couldn't even finish the payroll, which I'd been working on, but Zubair was a champ and finished it for me. I cried again (only second time, working here!), because Gustavo was teasing me that other places he'd worked always got the payroll out on time and when my face started to squinch up he thought I was laughing. I want to apologize today; yesterday I was more concerned with making sure he knew I wasn't mad at him. I missed out on going with Dave to Pete and Cheri's and listening to Fire Sign Theater, which is a bummer. But! I feel very accomplished and righteous about the fact that I did so much work.

Dave got home a few minutes after I did. I had just gotten out of the shower and my phone started ringing. He was like, "where are you?" and I said, "brushing my teeth." "oh, you're home! I got in and didn't see you." *wags* I had been so worried that he would get home before me, y'see, and instead I was home when he got there. We got to hang out and watched the end of the Be-Sharp Simpsons episode, put a few new Magic cards in the deck and played a couple games, listened to music and just hung out and talked for awhile before bedtime. So the day ended on a really good note.

I had this dream. Part I remember is, me and Dave were snuggling and/or asleep in our room. The configuration of furniture was different. Our bed was a bunk bed (like the one I had on Rockwell) with the long side against the west wall instead of a four-poster with the long side against the north wall, and there was a big clothes dresser in the northwest corner where the little plastic drawers thing is now. There was all kinds of clothes and stuff laying around, like our room is now. We were hanging out and either doing something or talking, I'm not sure. Then we fell asleep and then I woke back up, or Dave fell asleep, either one, and I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I got out of bed, opened the bedroom door (I heard and felt it click open and shut! thought I was awake!), went down the hall to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror (still thinking I'm awake, mind). I spread my arms out low and in front of me, as if lifting a large invisible bundle, and stared myself down in the mirror, the way you do to raise power and make the static really heavy between the mirror and you. And the static in my vision did get really bright, sort of a slate yellow with undertones of blue and grey and mild green. I want to pinpoint the color because while it was yellow mixed with grey, it was not that dirty yellow (typo: typed "tellow") people get when they're invading other people's auras. That's like yellow mixed with french fry grease; this was like yellow mixed with muddy snow from a field. A clean dirty yellow, if that makes sense.
And I was up back in bed with Dave. I turned to him and said, Hey baby, I teleported back to you!
And then I woke up.