I shouldn't be on here now, for oh, variety of reasons. Already posted up. Work to do. Would be more beneficial to my health if I just sat very still and cradled my warm cup of tea in my cold, clawlike fingers. Okay maybe they're not clawlike. Big Z just got in.
So did Bossman.
Ye gods it's amazing how little work we all manage to get done despite being in the office together. Boss and I went over bills, paid enough that it makes me less nailbitey. He seems to have a better handle of where we stand with all these people than I do--except every now and then something happens that makes him seem completely naive and out of the loop. I suppose I must look the same way from other peoples' perspective. Both just spent almost our entire office time on the phone, either with their wives (on both business and family care issues) or with various customers or vendors they insisted on dealing with themselves. Not that I put up much of a fight. The only time I put up a fight on that stuff is when one of them is all "Oh I'll handle it" and then they forget and the customer comes and yells at me because I'm the last one they talked to.
My cup of tea is no longer warm. I grabbed a crust of lunch bread (not the good dinner bread our pastry kitchen makes, the just-alright lunch stuff we buy from Red Hen) and it quieted down my hunger.
My cough is raspy down in my chest and I feel cold all over and I wanna go home. Waaah I wanna go home. Dave reminded me (we met outside for a smoke a few minutes ago) that I am awesome and I should stay positive because I'm gonna come home from work and he'll already be in bed and I can crawl into bed and have a nap before we leave for Lemonheads Night 2. I almost don't want to go, I want to stay home and rest instead. But last night was so much fun and I really was excited about the idea of coming back today. Am to some extent--the extent to which I'm not feeling cold and tired and sick and sleepy.