one lemon

(Far from my best work. I think there may be more of it. Not enough reason for the lemon to be there. I thought the gold tones would turn out to be something completely different. Also I think "aren't" in the third stanza really should be "ain't" [later edit: changed it to "ain't", cause why not?], to go with "mud-in-your-eye". But I don't know how to make more without wearing my end rhyme to death or somehow finding a new end rhyme. And there are too many Buts. Arrgh and so forth. XD )

Gold tones
at a feast of bones
but I’m pining for a good strong

Some I crack, some I try
but they open up dry.
Scold my belly, but it just won’t

Slice of wine, glass of pie
case of mud-in-your-eye
ain’t inside me, so they don’t seem

Splintered bones, coffee grounds
wake the sharp yellow sounds
of one lemon that I can’t un-