Tuesdays With Abhorrent Fiends vol. 22

We could hear the bossa nova
we could sway the night away
the steps of the dance
are best left up to chance
better beautiful than perfect anyway

While the moon wanes and waxes,
death and taxes are lurking out there
Life is grand
Love is real
Beauty is everywhere

--the Peacemakers

Last night I said to Dave I'd been thinking "Beauty Is Everywhere" by the Peacemakers would be a great theme song for the year 2008. He said since it's really been the theme song of the last few months of him and me, it'd be kind of a Johnny-come-lately to give it to next year. So I've been pondering the question and I think I have a candidate. "How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle" by Cake. Because we can't afford the sort of rock and roll lifestyle to which we would like to become accustomed, and 2008 will likely remind us of that repeatedly.

And again, Dave being smart. I was saying, there's all this debate and discussion and newshounding about baseball because it has nothing to do with the powerful factions who control our lives and steal our money, so we're "allowed" to develop real news about it. He says that's not even the issue. It's just there's too many people who all care about completely different things, and not enough people at the same time care about any one of the things I mentioned to do anything about it.

I had a scary moment last night--I went online and paid the past due balance on the electric bill, then went to my bank's website to check my balance. Turned out the paycheck I put in early evening last Friday had not, at that point, posted. I'd run the groceries as credit on Saturday and the electric company webpage said "pay with credit/debit/ATM" so I'm thinking it wouldn't have posted till today anyhow. But still I turned to Dave and was like, "I think I'll pay the gas bill and order us more tobacco tomorrow." I looked this morning and, yay! My check has now posted and I didn't get any overdraft fees. Still, I feel it was a near thing.

The Heroes season finale was so awesome last night! *wagwag* I simply must get both seasons of that show on DVD at some point. I suspect it's one of those shows that, like Arrested Development, gets miles better when you watch a whole bunch of episodes in a row so all the references make sense because they stuck in your mind. Granted, with AD it's hilarious details instead of dramatic ones, but I like this series so much they'd stick in my mind anyway, week to week. Spose I'm now a bona fide fan and all. I like them all! Even the villains are complex enough that I don't condemn them and in a way I root for them as well! I can't wait to see what happens when Adam Monroe aka Takezo Kensei, Angela Petrelli, Bob, Sylar, and Noah Bennett all find ways of going medieval on one another (and the rest of humanity) in horrible revenge, largely justifiable preventative strikes, or completely in-character psychopathic rampaging as the case may be! :D :D Yes, yes, some of the heroes are annoying. Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli are dumb in ways that only main characters are usually dumb, but their screen time is balanced so well against so many other, more complicated characters that you hardly notice they're the central axes around which the plots grind on.

I want to write more now, because Boss just stepped out and the day hostess just stepped in, but I can't think of anything. Weird. I'm'a go smoke a cigarette and read some more Lord Darcy stories and probably aggravate this fun flu I've got.