winter has dog days too

Sick as a dog. Sick as two dogs. To say nothing of the dog! (Which is a fun book so far, by the way.)

Let it never be said that I don't know what it feels like to have a coughing fit so violent I threw up. At least the person I was on the phone with was advertising something and not someone making a reso! It'd be bad for business to have people hear our employees hacking sickly and making barf noises while they're thinking about the gourmet dinner they're going to eat.

Having dinner with Mom after work. Should stop by Walgreens and get her a belated birthday card, just to have something to show I didn't completely forget.

I dunno what it is, but I'm looking forward to talking with Mom. Like I was telling Dave, yesterday or the day before, there's a perspective on things that she has that nobody else has. And in spite of her illness I value some of that insight. If I can just avoid having to see her so often that she becomes toxic, I can actually stay fond of her. I imagine Amber and Pearl feel similarly about Dad.

Pearl wants to come visit on Saturday; I dunno what time. Dave's going to actually work on Saturday during the day, but go to Elmer's house instead of the office. I'm going with Paula and Dave's cousin Mercita to see that cool psychic, Mina. Maybe I should see if Pearl wants to tag along if she'll be there in time to train it out to Wheaton with me. That would be stellar.

Back to macking the payroll data for me. Let's see if I can get this puppy submitted and not screw the direct deposit people over too badly. See, the physical checks all arrive next-day delivery. But direct deposit funds take three biz days to clear. Meaning if I submit the payroll file at 7:30pm on Thursday, the hardcopy checks get in on Friday, but the direct deposit people don't get their money till Tuesday. Which is what happened last pay period. Which if it happens this pay period will make many people very sad. Which is why I should stop typing and mush. Mush I say!