welcome the club

Been whinin' about no dream logs lately, so here's the fragment I remember.

Me and other person had climbed to the top of a something. It was the end of a long plotline of searching, climbing and finding. We were indoors, but a window beyond the top of the pile of whatever it was we were climbing looked out onto the road beyond. Daytime, not sure what season. Up on a shelf to my left as I reached the top I found a round white disc, bout as big as a dollar coin. Made of plastic or wood covered in that white covering that makes it feel like plastic. Patina of dirt across the surface, like the old dry dirt you find on the flat surface next to a potted plant that's been there awhile. On the face printed in black ink was an old-timey symbol of clubs. I didn't think it aloud but I recognized it was the ace of clubs. The person I was climbing with saw it too as I picked it up; neither of us said anything. I was going to kiss the disc but I didn't want to get the dirt that was on it in my mouth, so I brushed it across my cheek and it only slightly touched my lips. Then I turned to the person I'd been climbing with. She was wearing a white button-down shirt and seemed to be hurt or in pain somehow, so she took her shirt off (or we did?). And underneath she was wearing something like a cross between that weird twisty looking black "aromor" chick sorceresses wear in the movies, some sort of medical device (like the electroshock pads the main character guy strapped to his head in that scene in Running With Scissors) or a brace of some kind. It went all over her ribcage and supported her breasts as well, though there the black material held together white bandages. I touched the end of one of the curly parts and it bent up a little bit, like it wasn't firmly attached.

Important themes include: fire magic (ace of clubs). Dave (I got a sense the girl represented him, not one of my brain-sprites! I'd dreamed him last night as well, the dream where we were in the still-under-construction shop that had a bar where they had designer air on tap). Fear of contamination or bad patterns from the past (dirt, weird medical "support/armor" device).

They gonna take private parties away from me. Soon, soon I hope! And I gonna stay. Either I'm a dumb bunny or this is my best vantage point to come into the new year, 2008, which I have already named the Year of Great Change. I've so enjoyed the Year Without Disaster and in many ways I wish it could go on.

Bought my new dayplanner today. I want to start studying it now so by the time the Year rolls around I can make it my mental dayplanner as well. This visual imagination stuff, I've got to do, got to get less remedial in, before I can move forward with so many other things.