"I'm a financial *planner*, not a financial consultant."

"Mmm...financial panther..."

So I have TEH INTARVIEW next Thursday!

We don't know what time yet. So I have to wait a bit to lie and tell my bosses I have an appointment with Barry S, Optometrist, because my prescription is old and my eyes are hurting waah boo hoo and this was the only time he could fit me in. It would be nice if I could just say I'd like to take a personal day and leave it at that, but we are a close-knit group and it wouldn't fly. So lies are the way to go.

I still worry that if I give my notice and tell Bossman I accepted a job offer, he'll get pissed and tell me never to darken the door of his establishment again. That would be terrible both for me and for the restaurant. I am still debating whether to ask the nice people at new place whether I can give three weeks' notice instead of two or some such thing. Or whether I should take the initiative and pay for a Craigslist ad for my replacement myself as soon as I hear good news from new place.

I did not ask about compensation in the phone interview; I think it's bad form to ask about money before you've met face-to-face. I would be really sad if it isn't enough, because it does sound like a good place to work and a good position for my work environment preferences. This is a team of support people, each informally tagged to the support of either one or two financial consultants. Said support involves customer service, seminar setup, client nagging by mail, email and phone, and info research on securities in support of financial consultants on the go. Plus the company just merged with another company, which caused their areas of potential financial service to expand considerably. Meaning the areas of financial consultant responsibility, and hence the responsibilities of the support people, have expanded as well. This position is available because of said expansion and not because someone else got fired or quit, good news there. Nice lady didn't know if there was bus service in Hanover Park. I dunno if asking was the right way to play it, but I wanted to show off that I had researched the route!

The idea of what will happen to this place if I leave has caused me great anxiety and sadness in the past and probably will in the future as well. But right now I feel kind of elevated about the whole thing. I hope I'm not prematurely withdrawing my fiat from the taig, the way Elmer did when he was so sure he had sealed the deal for the sale of his buildings with Chris Whatsisname. Maybe it's just hope and excitement and shit like that. The residual high off the positive vibes nice lady was giving me on the phone.

I have this ad posted on my cork board right now. It was from a linen cleaning service, one of those glossy ads folded up to the size of a regular #10 envelope. The picture is of a portly middle-aged woman in chef's clothing, pointing belligerently at the camera with one hand and raising a meat cleaver in the other. She bears more than a passing resemblance to Mom, which I find hilarious. And the caption over her head reads "Are you asking for TROUBLE?" I'd like to bring it with me, if and when I go, and post it over my new desk, ideally where it's easy for me to see but not immediately visible to others entering my workspace. For me it's an inspirational poster: a warning if I'm going to do something reckless or ill-thought-through, an encouragement if I'm going to stand up to a bully.

And I found the perfect thing to make the wallpaper on this computer on the day I give notice, be it later or soon: