vae victus

Once you have emptied your bladder on him
and you’ve broken the back of his army
You find there is nothing else sadder than him
that he’s sweet and attractive and smarmy
And you cannot resist but to collar his wrist
to escort him to your habitation
Not to want, not to waste: he’s reformed to your taste
and, in short, good and sure of his station.

Latin for "woe to the vanquished."
Finally, a poem worth that title.
There are two things I'm going to do in a different order in the future, namely:
1. Look up a supposed literary agency on a watchdog website.
2. Send them a payment over Paypal.
I did send their accounting person an email saying I'd changed my mind, and could they possibly refund or cancel my payment? Fortunately, perhaps, I had not yet sent the associated contract so I don't think they have a legal right to keep my money. Three parts to a contract--offer, acceptance, and payment--and only two parts have been completed in this case. We'll see.

This isn't really about that, but the incident seems to have been what made me angry enough to push the poem out. Shitologically speaking. Don't know why it's a "him" in the poem. Possibly in the interests of balance. I'm used to writing in the second person when I'm discussing something truly evil. This is so that I consider it as being addressed to me; it actually forces me to comes to terms with my own desire to carry out the evil act being described. Only once I've had that sobering experience is it worthwhile to think about why other people are doing it, perhaps even to me.

First line that came to me was "and you've broken the back of his army." The phrase occurs to me often when playing Heroes, since usually once you get the other player's biggest army off the map they're pretty much a pushover. Except ever since I bought the Gathering Storm expansion I've been playing all the maps at a higher difficulty than I'm used to. So even my favorite game is, as a troll I am aware of recently put it, shock full of fail.

Oh, woe. This irritating but not disastrous incident should scar me horribly and prevent me from being optimistic about anything in my life, especially certain upcoming job interviews. Like the one I have tomorrow. Yes, indeed, I should mope and make drama about having made a stupid mistake.

Nah. This time, I start a new Heroes map on the LOWEST difficulty setting. Winning of at least one kind for me!