put this job in your pipe and smoke it


So I re-read the job description the nice lady emailed over to me. Not a bank job actually, it's support for securities reps out in the burbs. It sounds a helluva lot like a cross between the support job the FSRs at Metlife do--processing their reps' paperwork etc--and the job I did at Fitch, researching stuff for people, keeping their files in order, and mailing shit out that needs to be mailed. A doable job for me once I get the hang of it, and a front-row seat from which to observe the collapse of the American economy.

It involves an hour train ride and a 1.72 mile walk. Assuming there isn't any bus service in Hanover Park, as my wrestlings with the RTA's website have led me to believe. I'd be going through our dear friend the Union Station every morning and evening, as well, so I needn't worry about feeling lost and bereft of my familiar taigs. The long walk in wintertime or rain would be a bitch, but I'd have the whole summer to get used to it. Call it a two-hour commute, when you count the bus to Union in there, and generously assuming the walk takes me a half hour to forty minutes. Given my commute now is about thirty minutes each way, that jumps my travel time from one to four hours daily. The drawback is less time for sleep, TV, computer games, and communication with peeps. The benefit is a lovely long train ride during which I can think and read and write and listen to music and not listen to Dad's misery. Exercise versus effort and dealing with weather pretty much cancels out, in my book, as far as the walk goes. At least my start time would be early enough in the day that the worst of the summer heat won't be going on during morning walk time.

All things considered, if this Beverly chick says things I like about my starting wage rate, I'm'a have to bite my lip to keep from saying "How soon can I start?" I'm still not that much of a bastard to leave without at least proper two weeks' notice. Plus this here will be a phone interview, with a successful conclusion meaning we'd move forward to scheduling a live interview. I'll be interested to see how I manage to get a day off work without telling the three musketeers it's for a job interview.