making a little bit of peace

I had a good weekend, overall.
Didn't get to talk with Pearl, sadly. And I had one of those conversations with Dave about the future that left neither of us feeling much happier. Plus we turned out to be too broke to buy the dead green plants. But on the plus side, me and Dave and Brian and Paula all went to see Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers on Friday. They played the following setlist, thoughtfully recorded by Brian and sent to me by Dave over AIM:

Hello New Day
I Know You Know
World Ain't Gone Crazy
Maybe We Should Fall in Love
Tell Yer Momma
I Speak Your Language
I Don't Need Another Thrill
Noisy Head
I Can Drink the Water
European Swallow
Leaky Little Boat
State of the Art
Down Together
Green & Dumb
Broken Record (by request of front-row tequila shot traders!)
I Do
Beautiful Disaster

Blue Collar Suicide

Mr. Clyne was his usual charismatic self, trading hats and shots of tequila with the people in the front row. We must've seen that guy drink six shots and most of a beer, just during the two and a half hours the band was on stage.

I will post more later, but now it is computer game and then sleep time.

[edit on the 7th]

For me the highlight of the show was State of the Art. Behold these lyrics!

"With a rattle and a grind
I found out my favorite part
I may not be your kind
If your kind is faint of heart
When the world is sick and tired
And it’s begging you to fall apart
You may be hanging by a thread
But now you’re state of the art"

I think the band was really into this song, like I got the impression they weren't just playing it. That it had emotional meaning for them as it did for the audience. Maybe that was projection, dunno.