small good / bad news

Good news!
I got my $30 reimbursement that had been sitting in the reimbursements folder for ages. So now we can afford to do that thing we usually do!

Annoying news!
Me and Z didn't have a chance to do anything related to punches yesterday, so we'll be doing that thing we do with punches today. I can actually submit the payroll anytime before I think 3pm on Friday, but I'll want to have at minimum the Squirrel stuff and the Excel stuff done before I leave today. Which means I might be working hella late again tonight.

[time passes, much later in afternoon]

Based on big Z's lack of punch-doing so far today, I'm'a go ahead and put the unedited punches into Excel. That way when he gets around to editing them later tonight and leaves them on my desk tomorrow morning, I can just change the people who have edits tomorrow. So I might be leaving at a reasonable hour, if not on time. Definitely not on time. Sevenish, sixish, depends how long I waste time typing on my blog before I finish this Excel junk.

I got me a free sandwich today! I was stupid hungry and ran into Pablo. I was like, Hey, when you're not too musy upstairs, can you make me a pork sandwich? He was all, Sure, with fries? Yes, thank you! I said. Time went by; no sandwich. He poked his head into the office and was like, Did you get your sandwich? No. Apparently the bussers had seen a mystery sandwich go up on the shelf, and since it didn't have a ticket, had assumed it was a mistake and just eaten it. Both Pablo and Tom yelled at them for it when they found out.

But me, I was happy that me and Slavy and Angel-the-guy all got some free sandwich love. Even if it cost the guys a couple lectures. The bussers and especially the stewards got the short end of the stick when we stopped serving family meal. I can go out or get the managers or cooks to comp me food, the cooks make themselves a little something off the line between shifts, and the servers can either go out between shifts or (while we were still tipping out in cash at the end of every shift anyhow!) order something for themselves. But most of the cleaners work an eight-hour shift with no break, and it's all physical labor. Life sucks for recent immigrants, even legal ones.

Also I've been listening to Bjork's Volta, just for a change of pace for my techno-while-you-work. The one that goes "Untouchable / Innocence / It is still here / But in different places" is really awesome; I dunno why it wasn't a radio song on like B96 when it came out. And I'm really warming up to the one that goes "Raise your flag / Don't let them do that to you!" XD