sandwich of density

got meat. z came in to check over my payroll numbers one last time & gustavo finally listened to him after ignoring me and sofia all day.
so i got some weird-tasting apple and arugula salad that i devoured like a ravenous demon even though i didn't really like it at all.
then finally a busser came down with my burger. i had just let sofia cut herself off a piece, gathered the juicy hot burger up in my hands, and started to lift it off the plate, when gustavo sits down next to me and says, "would you do me a favor. call aramark right now and ask why didn't i get those extra aprons and towels i ordered this morning."
i got mad at him as was like "jesus! you really know how to annoy me. let me just go get a towel and wipe my hands off before i pick up the phone. why don't you just eat my burger for me while you're at it?" and with deliberation he obviously thought was comic her leaned forward and made like he was going to pick it up and eat it. he looked up at me first and I was like, "what, they don't have sarcasm where you come from?" then he pretended like he didn't understand english and started to pick up the plate like i said i was done with it.

don't get me wrong. i love being the butt of good-natured jokes. nothing more quickly cements you in the hearts and trust of your peers. but i got three hours of sleep, have not eaten since 8am, and have been bleeding like a stuck pig since 10am.

fucking bastard. now i'm kind of glad he's already given notice and will be leaving before i quit.


Amber E said...

Yuck, tomorrow has got to be a better day. The only sucky thing for me was a call at 1 minute before we closed and a headache. Hope things get better. Love, Fey