Tuesdays With Abhorrent Fiends vol. 30

Well if they catch me around
Playing rock the boat
I'm gonna catch hell
~White Stripes

Starved for something to read. Nyaaah. Novels aren't doing it for me anymore, my math book is good but slow, can't really read The Art of Memetics here at work with the bosses in the house. Did I mention they're in the house? You can tell they are here by the sound of new problems being created to replace old problems, and people I like who get fired for reasons I agree are appalling once I find out and subsequently swear never to reveal said reasons. And this one I can't even tell my coworkers or other managers because none of them seem to know yet. Damn.

...And I just found out I fucked up somebody's final paycheck AND failed to mail somebody's 1099 that I promised I'd mail. Grr.

But for me, it's actually been a good day so far. Way better than I expected and mentally prepared for. Finished a good song, got lots of work done, have paycheck in bag. And the paycheck is also better news than I expected because I worked almost 98 hours last pay period! Second most overtime in the company this time at like 2.7 hours! (The guy with the most had me beat by a mile, though. XD We've been trying to cut down on overtimes.)

Mailed my Federal taxes this morning! I had a hilarious sequence of events yesterday afternoon. It involved me sitting in the Mart common area with pages 10-64 of printed copy culled from the 1040 instructions document, repeatedly calling Dad to have him Google for the document and look up information on page 9 and, later, page 67 or so, at a pay phone that repeatedly gave me back my five dimes after I successfully finished the phone call. Even ran back to work once to look up something online myself.

Got through all that wonderfulness to find out...I didn't know what address to write on the envelope. Didn't want to call Dad OR sneak back into work again, so I looked it up when I got home and mailed it, as I said earlier, this morning.

Haven't done my State of Illinois taxes yet, but I still have all my numbers and scribbles and the rough copy Federal 1040 I was working from yesterday, so I should be able to just copy the appropriate numbers and mail it this afternoon. Lather, rinse, repeat.

According to my calculations, however, my federal refund amount should be an amount! Which I can use for, oh, debt repayment, reinstatement of cellphone service, laptop computer repair...any number of things that don't involve alcohol and cured dead plant leaves and ebooks and new/used clothes and concert tickets and SHELVING. FIFI NEEDS SHELVING. Dad finally cleared off the shelf from his room and gave it to me, by the by. Tonight I think I'm'a move it out of the middle room and rearrange stuff in my room so it'll fit.

Still must ask Bossman for this Thursday off. Been waiting the opportune moment.