content update!

The second chorus for this one came to me several years ago, while the Elgin house of legend was all still together. For the record I never did live in Glencoe, but I know a rich person who did. Also it rhymed. I think there may be yet another verse afterwards, but I can't see how to beat that final chorus. Punlicious! Hopefully I'll update a smidge more content when I gets home, but I wanted to get this up soonest.
Edit: Done and done. Added a third verse so I could have the nice strophic structure and the story element made more sense.

[movin down in the world]

raised up to be a middle class kid
hell, how long could that’ve lasted
thought they taught me what would matter
climbin up that corporate ladder
but the world kept spinnin faster
recession, divorce disaster
don’t you weep for what you’re losin
got to keep on, keep on movin

movin down in the world
ah yes I’m movin down in the world
I live in Wheaton ‘stead of Glencoe
I got much less time to play Nintendo
movin down in the world

I went to get my own BA they
had to turn my ass away
ran out of cash and credit too
I got a job—what else to do
at least I get to work indoors
no benefits or stock of course
and it’s myself I keep on provin
got to keep on, keep on movin

movin down in the world
ah yes, I’m movin down in the world
I live in Elgin ‘stead of Wheaton
I smoke cigarettes instead of eatin
movin down in the world

no more pockets left to delve in
dream of books and lust for shelvin
broken doorbell, yappin canines
can't even call half my brain mine
claw my fingers in the dirt
or else I'll fall right off the earth
dig out my little space to groove in
got to keep on, keep on movin

movin down in the world
ah yes, I’m movin down in the world
work is for suckers—guess I’m dumb
butts off the sidewalk, here I come!
I’m movin down in the world

Now, I didn't think this one was much great shakes, just casual mirthmaking. But the esteemed Bonsai Ent said he was putting it up on his wall. Which I assume is not a wall of shame, so I thought y'all might enjoy as well.

[my impression of Bill Cosby doing a rap album]

If you're drinking, fighting, or playing with guns
Your life, young person, will be no fun
Respect your elders and work all day
So when you get home there's time to play
It's a big bad world and you've got to be smart
Got to use your head to protect your heart
Don't go with a girl who's fast and wild
Do right, get married, and take care of your child
Pay your taxes on time and obey the law
Or I'll smother you with Jell-o! Haw, haw haw.