Tuesdays With Abhorrent Fiends vol. 32

Here I had typed up all sorts of fun stuff about my yesterday and this morning and the dreams I've been having lately, and a few accidental keystrokes erased it all. I usually take that as a sign I'd been about to violate my own information control protocols, and wasn't getting the message from the bottom of my brain clearly enough. I mean, look at me, blogposting at work and all! Tsk!

Well, as I was saying right before I subconsciously decided to start over, here's an ingredient list of what little Fiats are made of:
60% intellectualism
22% irony
15% tact
3% spite
Apparently I'm getting enough better at math that those ratios I worked out in my head actually add up to 100%!

My desktop background on the computer at home is now the art from the Magic card Angelic Page by Rebecca Guay. I adore Rebecca Guay; her art is comforting and stylish and always classy. I dunno whether it's my weird mood lately or the amount of time I've been spending on my fart-joke-happy forum, but last night I looked at it and giggled mightily because I thought of a wonderful caption: "Oh my! Looks like someone needs a visit from the Sodomy Fairy." Y'know. With her mischievous expression and her great big lance and all. I'm sure a nice angelic girl like her would be able to make such a visit pleasant enough. Or maybe I just haven't been watching enough porn. Stupid LimeWire not working at home unable to complete the blacksmith porn challenge grumble grumble.

Speaking of things that sound horrifying but actually turn out rather well, Dave had his first visit with Paula's favorite acupuncturist yesterday morning. This is a cat I'd seen previously, a few years back when I got that pinched nerve in my left foot. Does good work. Dave said he actually felt much better afterwards. And even though a nap and some hours brought him back closer to his recently normal state, he's intrigued enough to be game for a second visit and even keep up on the passle of herbal supplements the nice fellow recommended.

Maybe it's because I've dubbed this the Year of Great Changes. Maybe it's because everyone around me is intoning some variant on the dread, always-inaccurate "it can't possibly get any worse." Or maybe I know something most don't--not even me. But dogmannit I am STILL optimistic. I see the bright seeds of chaos at the bottom of this aftermath. The gold ring winks from the bottom of the sink.

[edit later in the day]

Gaah it's even stronger now! The effect on me personally is mild but the little omens, the little events of the day which can be read one way and another, add up like suspicions too. But these are the sort where one suspicions a surprise party. :D Main and lady bosses may possibly have just snuck into the storage room for some marital nookie.

...Ah, not nookie, darn. I was hoping for that; bosspeople slipping off to make kissyfaces would be WAY better than them slipping off to argue. They didn't seem to be fighting at least! The taig rejoices anyway, whether they're getting into the spirit of spring or not.

I feel like a damn windsock with these stupid little hands with tiny knitting needles. Must...stitch up holes...before awesome warm airfront arrives!