"Tiger" Lilly beats up pirates...

Haha! I pulled up the Cubs gamecast just before their big scorefest in the 4th. When I first opened it up, it was like, "hey, they already took a couple runs off the Pirates, good deal." Then I switched to other programs for a bit. Then I heard Mr. T talking out of nowhere and got weirded out for a minute before I went "oh, the gamecast probably has an ad going with audio." When I went over to check, not only was Mr T. advertising Warcraft, but the Cubs had just beaten up Gorzelanny like a gay black dude at a Klan bar! Wonders never cease!

Maybe not the best metaphor up there. XD But still. That's way beaten up. Also from the comments people have been leaving on cbs's chat channel the announcer was mangling the poor man's name as well.

Let's hope the Cubs play the Pirates a lot more! Keep the schedule weak so they can look like a real team for a couple months, that's all I'm sayin'. Keep Fukudome's spirits up so he's even more crushed later in the season when everyone around him starts sucking and they expect his .400+ batting average to carry the team all by itself.

Also Cincinnati has just about wrapped up today's loss against the Phillies. Go Reds!

[update later in the afternoon]

Graah! I should have known my posttitle would later prove hasty and ill-omened! Still scoreless in the tenth inning after the Pirates tied it up due to the Cubs' inability to defend properly or something!

[several minutes pass]


[several more minutes pass]

...And the go-ahead run in the top of the twelfth thanks to some good walking!
I can leave work now, secure in the knowledge that nothing can possibly go wrong in the bottom of the twelfth with a very tired Jon Lieber probably still pitching. I mean, heck, he was a starter until recently, he oughtta have the stamina. And all those other Pirate runs were a fluke!


Anonymous said...

I know, right? fuck Michael Wuertz. Fuck him right in the ear. (This is me, I just can't log in cause I forgot all my info.)

Fiat Lex said...

C'mon, it was only fair. The loss really wouldn't be heartbreaking enough if they didn't have a huge lead first. He was just bowing to fate!